You spent your whole life doing what you could to look your best, but somehow, when 50 hits the struggle becomes real. Women over 50 are just as beautiful but in a wiser and more sophisticated way and they know how to have fun. This new chapter in life for women over 50 does call for some changes, though. From beauty to wardrobe to lifestyle, a few adjustments can make all the difference.

How Age Changes Your Skin

Other than the occasional gray strand of hair, skin tone is likely the first place you see aging. It’s normal for skin to become:

  • Rougher
  • Dryer
  • Droopier
  • More transparent
  • Fragile

You might also notice small lesions develop that are probably benign. It’s a phenomenon that is hard to understand since skin continually renews itself, but it is normal for someone age 50 and older. If you have any questions about these spots, see your doctor because skin cancer becomes a more significant risk with age, too.

Common signs of skin cancer include:

  • A waxy looking bump
  • A flat, flesh or brown-colored scar-like spot
  • A firm red spot
  • A flat lesion with a crusted surface
  • A large brown or reddish spot with darker speckles
  • A mole that changes in any way or bleeds
  • Dark spots other places on your body like the palms of your hands

Woman With Gray HairAging brings changes in the structure of the surface but also in the supporting components under it. For example, the skin has less elastin, and that causes it to droop. Combined with the fat that disappears under the cheeks, chin, nose and around the eyes, your face can develop a hollow look.

There is the bone loss, too, usually around the mouth and chin and that causes the skin to pucker. Cartilage loss occurs in the nose making the tip droop.

While all this is happening to your skin, your hair is going through its own aging metamorphosis. The pigment cells start to lose their ability to renew themselves leaving you with gray.

Skincare Tips for Aging

The better you care for your skin, the better it will look as these changes start to happen. There are two lifestyle adjustments you need to make right away. In fact, the earlier, the better.

  • Stop Smoking – The toxins in cigarettes are brutal on the skin and can lead to premature aging.
  • Wear Sunscreen – That means all the time, not just when you go to the beach. There are lotions and makeup product with sunscreen built right in them, so it’s not as hard as it sounds. Look for sunscreen products that contain at least 7 percent zinc oxide and have an SPF of 30 or more.

Other more subtle lifestyle changes will improve the quality of your skin, too, such as:

Consider trying some of the anti-aging products available to you, as well. Retinoid creams or products that contain pentapeptides are a good choice. Though, a prescription strength Retina A or Renova would be our recommendation for the very best results.

Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

Women need to adjust how they apply makeup for a more natural look. Consider these tips courtesy of BT:

  • Woman Applying LipglossSwitch out the foundation for color correction (CC) cream. Pro-tip: Lots of CC cream products contain sunscreen.
  • Add concealer to rough areas where there are blemishes, veins or dark areas.
  • Blush, blush, blush using a cream or liquid product. Don’t reach for the harsh tones, though. Something peachy will be a more natural fit for most older complexions.
  • Use a neutral-colored shadow on the eyes with liner and black mascara.
  • Plump up those brows, too, using eye shadow instead of the old-school eyebrow pencil.
  • Forget the face powder. No, really, avoid it altogether. It just highlights those little imperfections.

Finally, add some lip color. Choose a shade slightly darker than your natural lips.

Aging Hair Basics

There are ways to make your hair look younger, too. For one thing, avoid the full-color job. It doesn’t always look natural, and it’s hard to maintain. Instead, opt for some soft highlights. It’s a more subtle approach that can hide the gray.

Think about a new cut, too, just for a change. If your hair is thinning, as it does sometimes when you grow older, look for a volumizing shampoo to give it a lift.

Make Your Wardrobe Work for You

Maximize your clothing choices and put that wardrobe to work. Consider some essential closet must-haves in our SHOP section:

  • Dark jeans – Look for mid-rise and boot cut. Make the hem length about 1/8th of an inch from the floor. Pro-tip: Skinny jeans are not the best choice for most gals over 50, but there are plenty of shaping options available.
  • White jeans also boot-cut or straight-leg – Casual for warm weather and go well with just about anything.
  • Lightweight wool blend pants in black, charcoal or navy – Works well as a mix and match asset for the career woman or for casual social outings.
  • Black fitted jacket – You could pick one up in cream and navy, too.
  • Black pencil skirt – A must-have at any age.
  • The basic cardigan – Keep it about hip length and with three-quarter-length sleeves.
  • Tank tops – For style and comfort under the sweater or jacket.
  • Dresses – Of course, something every professional woman needs. Look for wraps with long sleeves and knot the belt on the side, a sleeveless sheath dress for under jackets or the fit and flare style.

For a little extra chic, pick up a cropped black leather jacket. You’ll feel young and look great.

Lifestyle Changes for Women Over 50

Diet is going to be significant at this stage of life, too. It’s time to increase your intake of:

  • Lean protein for lower cholesterol
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, walnuts, flaxseed, and canola oil
  • Whole grains to increase your fiber intake and reduce your risk of diabetes and some forms of cancer
  • Consider joining Prime Women’s new weight management program, PLATE launching January 1st, 2019. Details and registration coming soon. Not a subscriber? Subscribe here to be notified when PLATE is live.

Now, Get Out and Socialize

Over 50 is the perfect time in life to become a joiner. You are a little beyond the bar-hopping years, but there are plenty of ways to meet people your age. How about:

  • Yoga class
  • Cooking class
  • Art class
  • Wine tasting parties
  • Book clubs
  • Spa days
  • Dog park
  • Volunteer

The goal is to hang out with people that enjoy doing the same things you do, and who face the same challenges.

The risk of depression rises the older you get for many reasons, to many people. Aging often brings with it chronic illnesses like:

  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis

Age is also a reminder that certain stages of your life are over like having babies. Socialization along with some lifestyle changes is how you stave off the over 50 blues.

Fun, 50 and fabulous isn’t just something you see on a bumper sticker; it’s a way of life. Making a few adjustments is how you get there.


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