Get a Prime woman’s take on the latest best seller, new author or television series. What’s worth your time, and what’s not.

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Get a Prime woman’s take on the latest best seller, new author or television series. What’s worth your time, and what’s not.

Sandy's All-Encompassing Summer Reading List For July | PRIMEWomen.com
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Sandy’s Summer Reads: July

Are you ready to add more books to your summer reading list for July? These recommended titles feature everything from Picasso's mystery muse to the b... Read More
Bad Mothers - Don Hany as Kyle Evans & Tess Haubrich as Sarah Pooley. Photo Scott McAulay
Books and TV

Bad Mothers: A Juicy Summer Watch

Sponsored Post After I finished Season 2 of Dead to Me, I was looking for another juicy series to get lost in and found Bad Mothers. Season One is ... Read More
woman lying on the beach with a book in her hand, graphics for books in the top right corner - summer reads
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Sandy’s Summer Reads: June

It's gonna be a long hot summer, so find your favorite lounging spot and curl up with one of these summer reads. Delve into the hidden life of one of ... Read More
Woman on patio with magazine and glass of water- amazing magazines
Books and TV

6 Amazing Magazines

To choose amazing magazines for women over 50 takes some narrowing down because there are so many categories. There are nostalgia magazines based on t... Read More
Joan Lunden 2020
Books and TV

Catching Up with Joan Lunden

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Joan Lunden and it was like catching up with an old friend. Joan Lunden is warm, honest and naturally fun... Read More
10 books every woman should read 2020_2
Books and TV

10 Books Every Woman Should Read in 2020

There are so many good books out this year, it's really hard to know which book to buy. While the best seller's list is certainly a good place to star... Read More
book sites
Books and TV

Best Sites for Book Lovers

We've all been stuck inside and going stir crazy or running out of things to do. There's only so much Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime we can watch. Man... Read More
best historical fiction
Books and TV

Escape Into the Past Through the Pages of a Book

I read a total of 48 books in 2019. I know, I know, that sounds like a lot to some of you, but I've read about 10 fewer books each year from 2016. Don... Read More
on tablet readers stay connected book clubs online
Books and TV

5 Ways for Readers to Stay Connected

Reading offers such a great escape, but as we continue social distancing and being isolated, some readers are craving interaction. With that in mind, ... Read More
Jennifer Weiner Author
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Author Jennifer Weiner’s Big Summer

At the beginning of 2020, bestselling writer Jennifer Weiner was looking forward to some big things happening in her life. In March she would be turni... Read More
sandys selections - april new books to read
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Sandy’s Selections of New Book Releases for May

What would you do if you had a chance to see five years into your future? Explore that question, try out new recipes in the kitchen and get a head sta... Read More
Start your own Little Library
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Discover a Little Library Near You

I came across my first little library when I was visiting my sister in Austin a few years ago. While I walked around the neighborhood with her childre... Read More