We all want to look our best. Our experts in skin care and makeup have tips for daytime, evening and looking great in photos, even selfies!

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We all want to look our best. Our experts in skin care and makeup have tips for daytime, evening and looking great in photos, even selfies!

mother daughter face mask
Beauty & Fashion

8 Facial Masks for Fabulously Vibrant Skin

A good skincare routine isn't one-size-fits-all; we're all too unique to do the same thing every day. While the tools themselves are often the same - ... Read More
best organic skincare products with lilac and orange
Beauty & Fashion

Look Great Naturally with the Best Organic Skincare Products

Investing in quality products is one of the key steps to keeping your youthful glow as you get older, working to prevent wrinkles, dark areas, and age... Read More
There are many beauty uses for baking soda.
Skin Care & Make-Up

5 Baking Soda Beauty Hacks

How many of us have that orange box in the fridge that is supposed to be replaced every 3 months, but we're not quite sure just how long it's been in ... Read More
Best organic Hyaluronic acid serums
Anti Aging

Restore Moisture with our Best Organic Hyaluronic Acid Serums

Hyaluronic acid is a common ingredient in a wealth of skincare products, from face creams to serums. It’s thought to promote healthier skin as well ... Read More
Eyelash extensions worth it
Skin Care & Make-Up

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth the Cost and Upkeep?

I do public speaking as a part of my work and sometimes get my makeup done before events. It's fun to get made up by a professional before an event. T... Read More
Best drugstore eyeliner
Beauty & Fashion

Get Dazzling Eyes with the Best Drugstore Eyeliner for Mature Women

The cost of makeup can add up when you consider all of the different facets that go into getting our full face applied. If you follow the trends, you'... Read More
Organic stretch mark cream (1)
Beauty & Fashion

Stop the Streaks: Our Top Organic Stretch Mark Creams

When it comes to aging, whether we like it or not, we have to take the bad with the good. For me personally, one of my least favorite side effects of ... Read More
8 Skincare must have feature
Skin Care & Make-Up

8 Must Have Skin Care Tools for Women 50+

Thinking back, throughout my lifetime, I have purchased a significant number of skin care tools. Some were very useful and others not that worthy. One... Read More
Catherine Zeta Jones hooded eyes
Beauty & Fashion

10 Most Effective Products for Hooded Eyes

It wasn't until recently that I discovered I have hooded eyes. Throughout my life, I've been told I have deep-set eyes, but the word hooded was neve... Read More
apply foundation feature
Skin Care & Make-Up

The Best Way to Apply Foundation

"What is the best way to apply foundation?" is a question I often encounter, and the answer isn't one-size-fits-all. It turns out there are a number o... Read More
Best toners for sensitive skin with heart cotton
Beauty & Fashion

11 Best Toners for Sensitive Skin

What if you could turn back the hands of aging while reducing pore size, removing impurities and dry, flaky skin, all while encouraging your face to h... Read More
Best drugstore pressed powder for aging skin
Beauty & Fashion

23 Top Drugstore Powders to Enhance Your Skin

As we get older, our makeup needs to change. Our skin begins to lose elasticity, and fissures in our skin allow makeup to seep in, which can suddenly ... Read More