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Are Neck Creams Really Necessary

When I turned sixty years old I decided my skin routine needed a boost. Dry skin and aging were teaming up against me and unavoidable lines appeared more prominent on my face and neck. I’ve always been conscientious about using a facial moisturizer, and most of the time I applied that same moisturizer on my neck. Rather than having to purchase an additional moisturizer just for my neck, I went for convenience. What I didn’t realize is that the skin around your neck can show aging even more so than your face will. According to Dr. Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic, the skin around our neck is thinner and more prone to wrinkles.

Don’t Look Down

You know all those times you spend looking down at your cell phone? Well, there are studies that claim excessive use of smartphones and computers also causes neck wrinkles. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery extended amounts of time looking down promotes creasing lines on our necks, and the phenomena is referred to, catchily, as “Tech Neck”.

Our heads are very heavy, but our bodies are designed so well, that there isn’t a lot of strain, overall, from carrying around this big bowling ball between our shoulders 24/7. However, when you’re in perfect tech-neck position, this increases the amount of pressure-up to 50 pounds! This makes fixing tech neck a huge priority when addressing the lines on your neck, because this can also make a very big difference in your overall health and posture.

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Trust Your Mammogram Tech

Using a neck cream was first recommended to me by an esthetician while I was getting a microdermabrasion treatment shortly after my birthday. Just days later a salesperson at a cosmetic counter handed me a few samples of neck cream and recommended I start using one. I took note, but was not yet convinced about the benefits of neck creams. Then I got my annual mammogram, and candidly complained to the tech that my neck was feeling dry. Naturally, I thought it was because I skipped my moisturizer that day, since you’re not allowed to apply lotions prior to the mammogram screening.

My radiologist casually responded, saying that most women my age should be conscious about applying a good moisturizer to their necks. As women age, they explained, our skin loses elasticity so, unfortunately, we see sagging in our necks long before we start to see it in our faces. It’s quite common that women pay more attention to their faces and forget about caring for their necks.

That convinced me. I vowed to start using a neck cream. With all the mammograms this radiologist assisted, I’m sure she has seen her fair share of wrinkled necks. Plus, she was wearing scrubs and worked in a hospital! It was easy to trust her opinion.

What I looked for in a Neck Cream

The search for a miracle neck cream began! Some ingredients I tried, and liked, in neck creams are glycolic acid and retinol. After trying one for the first time I could immediately feel the difference in the density of the texture versus how a face cream feels.

I  found I could wear a heavier cream on my neck but not on my face if I wanted to apply makeup. Most products will tell you to use it twice daily, but I choose to apply my neck cream at night. During the day I still feel better using a moisturizer with an added sunscreen on my neck.

Here’s the products I tried:

The favorite neck cream pick to fight neck wrinklesNeo Strata Active Triple Firming Neck Cream – The Neo Strata Firming Neck cream is my favorite. I bought this at my dermatologist office. I liked the richness of this cream and a little went a long way. I started out using it twice a day as recommended and after a couple weeks I did notice a difference. This is the product that convinced me to start using neck creams. I mentioned that I had switched to using it once a day because I preferred to use a lotion with sunscreen. For best results I would follow the instructions and use twice daily.



A neck cream with retinol in it to fight neck wrinkles

Loreal Revita Lift Face & Neck -If you’re looking to keep your routine to a minimum then this is the one for you. You can apply it on both your face and neck and it contains retinol. Using it will save you both time and money! I did feel that this cream is a little lighter and with my dry skin I wanted something with a heavier consistency.




Neck wrinkles fighter from Neiman Marcus

Omorivicza- I had received samples of this neck cream from the cosmetic counter at Neiman Marcus. I had never heard of this cosmetic line before but the ingredients, such as white truffle enzymes, make it luxurious feeling. The cream has a rich but not too thick and worked very well at plumping the lines on my neck. I would definitely use it again.

Non-Surgical Options Are Plenty

In a more aggressive approach to a neck wrinkles, women have done Botox, liposuction, and surgery to reduce the appearance of their lines. However, there are ways to firm up the skin on your neck non-surgically!

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In researching all things ‘fix my neck’ I found a few suggestions that seem to be the consensus on on what to do:

• Neck exercises, which claim to help to firm your neck and prevent sagging
• Do not smoke or drink excessively
• Use sunscreen daily on your neck and chest
• Exfoliate your neck at least once a week
• Eat healthy, and make sure to add Omega 3 foods to your diet
• Drink plenty of water
• Use Lasers

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Use Infrared Light Treatments to Kick Start Neck Renewal

In an earlier story published on microdermabrasion, I got an LED light therapy treatment on my neck. This treatment is very gentle. Using infrared wavelengths on your skin will promote skin renewal. The thermal (heat) enhances blood circulation. Red infrared lights stimulate collagen production to promote new cell growth and reduce wrinkles. It’s safe for all skin types and people of all ages. I was very impressed with the immediate results I saw around my neck after the treatment. I’m not exactly sure how long the results lasted but I do recommend giving it a try. Something like this is perfect for a special occasion you may have coming up.

Do I think Neck Creams Are More Effective Your Facial Moisturizer?

I’m convinced enough from my little experiment, to commit to using a neck cream at least once daily, because I have found that they do moisturize your neck better than a face cream. It was obvious to me, immediately, that the richness of neck creams will work better to keep the thinner skin on my neck moisturized. In addition, I will absolutely exfoliate my neck regularly, and learn to remember my sunscreen when heading outside.

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*Information about the infrared light treatment was taken from Perfecto Plus by Zero Gravity



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