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The first magazine of its kind, PRiME Women offers unique sponsorship and advertising partnership opportunities for those wishing to reach our audience of discerning women. PRiME provides a mature perspective on timely issues of interest to professional women moving into a new phase of their lives. Readers find expert advice from PRiME’s contributing editors (all at the top of their field) on topics such as: how to reach that last rung on the corporate ladder, ideas on transitioning from career into pursuing new passions, finding new love and marriage, good nutrition and fitness, the latest in anti-aging, where to invest next, traveling to places you still have to see and the latest food and fashion trends.

PRiME’s reader base is women who represent a target market with successful careers, investments, and inheritances, making them more financially motivated and powerful than any previous generation of women. While the majority of PRiME readers are in the U.S., there are subscribers from 29 countries.

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