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women sitting on steps making friends after 50
Family & Friends

What I’ve Learned About Making Friends in My 50s

I never thought the act of finding friends was something I’d have to plan and execute. Why would I? In my experience, friends came to me. In coll... Read More
Embracing the new
Family & Friends

Stick to Tradition or Embrace Change?

To my lovely English partner “tradition” is roast beef and Yorkshire pud for Sunday lunch, but I’m Scottish and that was never a tradition in ou... Read More
Family & Friends

3 Things Your Grandchildren Will Always Cherish

I asked my daughter what she remembered of her grandparents. She doesn’t remember much of the older grandmother, who passed away when she was 4 year... Read More
where are you going: advice for kids
Family & Friends

Where Are You Going: The Best Advice for Our Kids (or Grandkids)

I had been asked by a university to give a commencement speech to their Fall graduates, and I’d learned in my work, be it building businesses, or wr... Read More
Making friends in your prime
Family & Friends

6 Tips for Making Friends in Your Prime

Fab Over Fifty, a UK based website, revealed that the days of those over 60 becoming lonely and aging quickly is over. The site states that those over... Read More
staying connected
Family & Friends

4 Tips to Staying Connected with Friends

This past holiday I did something completely out of the box. It all began with a long-distance conversation with two of my old college friends. And th... Read More
blended families
Family & Friends

6 Tips for Smooth Holidays for Blended Families

Holidays are a time spent cheerfully with family. This sounds nice in theory but can sometimes be difficult, especially for those with large families.... Read More
Connecting with and talking to millennials and gen z
Family & Friends

Staying Relevant: 6 Terms From Millennials and Gen Z to Know

Confession: Even as a millennial I do not always understand a lot of millennials and gen z culture. That's because the culture of teens, twenty-someth... Read More
Family & Friends

Beat Holiday Loneliness And Host Friendsgiving

We love our holidays in the U.S. so much we are creating informal ones to give us more to celebrate! Friendsgiving is a day where friends come togethe... Read More
How to Find Friends
Family & Friends

How to Find Friends in the Digital Era

When Grace Spampinato moved to Florida from New Hampshire, the only person that she knew was a former co-worker who lived 45 minutes away. So when ill... Read More
Retaining the ease after working with friends
Family & Friends

The Risk of Working with Friends

How Not to ‘Go to Abilene', but If You Do, How to Find Your Way Home When my husband started a retail business — selling yogurt and sweet treats ... Read More
off to college
Family & Friends

The Mixed Emotions of Sending Kids off to College

It's that time again. It's back to school and many of us are sending one of our babies off to college. It isn't until you reach the point of actually ... Read More

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