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Mother and daughter-in-law looking on each other during arm wrestling battle
Family & Friends

What to do When You Don’t Get Along with Your Daughter-in-Law

“If we weren’t family, I would never speak to her. We would never be friends.” I have heard these words more times than I can count. The truth i... Read More
How to Divorce Your Adult Children
Family & Friends

How to Divorce Your Adult Child and Restore Your Sanity

Anyone who’s been through a divorce knows it’s rough. Actually, that’s an understatement. Now imagine that you must divorce your adult child. Th... Read More
Retired couple on a couch
Family & Friends

Can Older Women Have a Platonic Friendship?

Even in our younger days, platonic friendships weren't so easy to come by. But as we age, can we truly have a platonic friendship? Here's the scoop.&n... Read More
Family & Friends

Aging Alone: Anybody Out There Want to Adopt Me?

I'm constantly checking that my partner is still breathing—which annoys the hell out of him, as you can probably imagine. Firstly as he's a healthy ... Read More
Long goodbye of Alzheimer's feature
Family & Friends

5 Things to Know About “The Long Goodbye” of Alzheimer’s Disease

As she turns to look at my father, I study my mother’s profile. I see my grandfather’s nose—the one that bolstered his long-held claim that his ... Read More
grandmother playing with granddaughter
Family & Friends

Being a Babysitter on Grandma’s Terms

While being a mom is great, I must confess that I had a child because I wanted grandchildren. There I said it; do not shoot me. While I am totally enj... Read More
How to make new friends that fit your lifestyle
Family & Friends

4 Ways to Make Friends that Fit Your Lifestyle at Any Age

They say that making friends is harder as you grow older. I do not believe that, and neither should you. If you have the desire to make friends, then ... Read More
Mother and daughter laughing
Family & Friends

Parenting: The Job You Never Quit

Parenting is the most challenging full-time position in the world, for which there is no job description, no paycheck, and no sick or vacation days. T... Read More
3 things your grandchildren will cherish
Family & Friends

3 Things Your Grandchildren Will Always Cherish

I asked my daughter what she remembered of her grandparents. She doesn’t remember much of the older grandmother, who passed away when she was 4 year... Read More
Making friends in your prime
Family & Friends

6 Tips for Making Friends in Your Prime

Fab Over Fifty, a UK-based website, revealed that the days of those over 60 becoming lonely and aging quickly is over. The site states that those over... Read More
How to Plan the Perfect Girlfriends' Getaway
Family & Friends

How to Plan the Perfect Girlfriends’ Getaway

I remember when I used to think that my significant other was supposed to be everything to me. My ideal man would listen to me ramble on about work an... Read More
What to say to a person that is dying or grieving
Family & Friends

What To Say When Someone Is Dying

There can be a lot of mystery and confusion surrounding death because we have become a society that has been mostly shielded from death and the dying ... Read More