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college tour
Family & Friends

What You Need to Know About the College Tour

This past summer my daughter, a rising high school senior, and I embarked on a college tour. I was looking forward to a road trip with my youngest chi... Read More
GRANDPARENTING TIPS grandmother is playing with baby in park
Family & Friends

Top 3 Ways to Impact Grandkids

When my own daughter adopted kids, it took a while to acclimate to grandparenting A few years ago I couldn’t have written honestly on grandparentin... Read More
Remembering Dad on Father's Day
Family & Friends

Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

"My Dad was a mechanic- we lived in Florida. [With a] hurricane coming, I was a kid and he was fixing ice cream truck. He took all the kids from our b... Read More
Circle of support gives motherly new meaning
Family & Friends

Can Others Give “Motherly” New Meaning?

One of the more difficult emotional pains difficult to deal with is rejection from one’s mother. As much as we may all want to cling to the belief t... Read More
Moms Saying
Family & Friends

Like Mother Always Said: What We Still Remember

It's Mother's Day! If you're like us, you have that in-brain home movie running, flipping through all of the advice/sayings your mother said, perhaps ... Read More
Honoring Mothers Who Have Passed Away
Family & Friends

Honoring Mothers Who Have Passed Away

I love to be honored on Mother’s Day by my husband, sons and grandkids, but it is a bittersweet holiday now that my mom is no longer alive. I miss h... Read More
After Graduation
Family & Friends

Attention: Your Kids Still Need You After Graduation

It’s Graduation Season! Countless numbers of young people will make the milestone transition from high school to college and, after graduation to th... Read More
Meaning of Friendship
Family & Friends

The Meaning of Friendship: Small Circle, Big Support

What is Friendship? When we think of the words friendship and friends, one wouldn’t think we would need to look the terms up because, well, we know... Read More
Being Vulnerable Feature
Family & Friends

New Age Pen Pal: A Friendship We All Need

We all yearn for it. In today's times it's harder to make a real connection. I'm talking about the kind of connection where you don’t feel like you ... Read More
Senior Care Feature
Family & Friends

Difficult Conversations to Have with Your Parents

Parenting Your Parents The seismic shock of role reversal. It’s something most people face as their parents age. Parents who were once competent an... Read More
Family & Friends

Staying Connected With Your Long Distance Kids

While you were probably excited when your older children first decided to leave the nest, when they move a distance away, it can be a little harder to... Read More
Family & Friends

Breast Cancer Diaries: A Shaved Head and Other Fun

This is the fifth in a series of journal entries from contributing editor Adrienne Lawler, chronicling her breast cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy... Read More

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