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Top 10 Questions Most Frequently Asked by Women Over 50

Being 50 and over isn’t for the faint of heart. It can be stressful; it can be frustrating; and it can be a hell of a roller coaster ride health-wise. It can also be rewarding, give you a fresh start and be the best time of your life. But, how do you get there from here? Allow us to share some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear at PRiME, and the answers our editors and contributors have shared in their blog posts for women.

1. How do I sail through menopause?

Dr. Sohère Roked is our specialist in integrative holistic medicine. Start with her first post The Importance of Hormones in WomenYou can find additional detailed information about the signs and symptoms of menopause here. And Dr. Barbara Mark helps us handle the mental and physical changes that are happening in her article – Keeping it Together While Falling Apart.

improve your health2. What are the best anti-aging foods?

There are lots of healthy choices to keep the prime woman looking and feeling her best. 

3 Steps for Beautiful Skin

5 Ways to Improve Your Health

Feeling Unhappy? Try Mood Boosting Foods

3. What are the best anti-aging supplements?

We have you covered! Protect your skin inside and out to keep it looking great.

Collagen 911: Skincare Trends that Actually Work

How Oral Supplements Can Protect Your Skin

4. How can I beat middle age spread?

There are lots of options, from diet to exercise and combinations of both, of course. You can bet we’ve tried them and have the scoop.

The Metabolism Whisperer

Why Do I Overeat? 7 Habits to Break

Exercise Tips to Fight Post Menopausal Weight Gain

oral supplments5. How can I have younger looking skin?

Our skin care specialists and dermatologists chime in with their opinions on the right products to use and share information about the latest cosmetic procedures.

 Lifestyle Changes that Improve Your Skin

The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

3 Steps for Beautiful Skin

Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing is Revolutionary

6. How can I sleep better?

We have some tips and gentle reminders for how to get the shut eye you need.

Can’t Get Good Sleep?

Foods That Promote Sleep and Those That Don’t

Magnesium Never Tasted so Good

Catch Zzzs, Drop Lbs.

7. How can I improve my sex drive?

Prime Women share the secrets they’ve found to keep that fire burning.

What are the Benefits of Kegels for Women over 50?

Experience the Health Benefits of Yoga for Yourself

Expect a Better Sex Life Once You Get Older

diva Vaginal Rejuvenation

dangers of osteoporosis8. How can I protect my bones and joints?

We all want to avoid physical health issues as we age. Employ these practices to combat potential injury.

Prime Women at Risk for Osteoporosis

Blindsided: Functional Fitness and Why You Need It

Why We Need to be Lifting Big, Ugly Weights

A Former Dancer’s Take on Osteoporosis

9. How can I have more energy?

When you are feeling drained, we have your cure.

The After 50 Fitness Formula

3 Secrets to Aging Well

The S’s for Healthy Living

audacious goals10. What am I going to do with the rest of my life?

That’s an exciting question! Prime Women have ventured into their second acts and share their experiences with you.

6 Things You can do to Prepare for Your Second Act

Audacious Goals in our Prime Years

What’s Next? Signs You’re On the Road to Something New

Milestone Birthday Panic

We are all in this together! If you want to know about anything in particular, please share your thoughts with us at [email protected].

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