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Hair Growth for Women Over 50

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Noticing a difference in the quality, thickness, and length of your hair after 50 is more common than you think. It is natural to experience changes in your hair because of menopause – hormones play a huge part in hair health.

Be aware, Be Informed and Be Proactive!

Although it is expected to experience changes in hair with age, there is a lot that can be done to counter the effects age, health, and menopause may cause. Be aware, be informed, and most importantly: be proactive!

How Does Menopause Affect Hair Health?

As if hot flashes weren’t enough to suffer during Menopause, hair loss, stagnant growth, and thinning hair can also be a part of the natural process. You may be wondering what exactly about menopause triggers this: it is called dihydrotestosterone, also known as the DHT hormone.

The DHT hormone is produced as a byproduct of testosterone and is responsible for the discoloration of natural hair. Yes, this is the hormone that promotes graying hair, but it is also the hormone that promotes hair thinning and hair loss. DHT causes hair follicles to reduce in size, disrupting hair growth and resulting in the thinning of hair.

If the DHT hormone effects are prolonged then Androgen Alopecia becomes apparent. Androgen Alopecia is also known as female-pattern hair loss (FPHL). This is the result of prolonged DHT hormone exposure, causing permanent hair loss.

Rest assured – there are ways to combat the natural hair aging process. There are two ways of approaching hair health: from the outside in and from inside-out.

Healthy Hair Starts from Within

The most effective way to promote hair growth and prevent hair thinning is by providing the body the needed nutrition and support to grow thicker, stronger, longer hair. Adding a vitamin supplement is the ideal way to ensure the body will have all required vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth – such as biotin, magnesium and vitamin B. Although many of these vitamins and minerals are present in our diet, it may not be in the adequate amount or frequency. So much so, studies suggest that 75% of Americans do not meet the recommended daily intake of magnesium, an essential mineral to hair health.

In addition to basic vitamins and minerals, select a vitamin supplement that can also help you combat the negative effects of the DHT hormone. Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root are natural ingredients that block the DHT hormone – minimizing hair thinning and hair loss. Needless to say, these are essential ingredients to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth for women over 50.

Kerotin Hair Growth Formula is a solution that contains essential vitamins and minerals, as well as natural extracts that block the DHT hormone. It is 100% drug free and made in the US.

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Scalp Health Plays a Major Role in Hair Health and Growth

Scalp health plays an important role in promoting hair growth for women as it is the skin directly above hair follicles. A scalp massage promotes blood circulation to the hair follicle and also aids in stretching the hair follicle, producing thicker hair.

Scalp massages can be the solution to follicles experiencing the effects of the DHT hormone. The stimulation of the scalp can revive hair follicles that appear to be dormant or permanently closed. Scalp massages also reduce the buildup of dead skin cells and product, thus allowing hair to reach the scalp with ease and thrive.

The Perfect Scalp Massage

Effective Scalp Massaging: although scalp massages can be performed using fingers, the stimulation is much more effective when using a Scalp Massager. Perform a circular motion all throughout the scalp for four continuous minutes when using a Scalp Massager.

Consistency Is Key: perform your scalp massage before washing hair, during a shower, or on dry hair. A scalp massage should be performed every day to reach maximum potential.

Kerotin carries a special tourmaline infused scalp massager, that is easy to handle and helps promote hair growth.


Boost your Scalp Massage with Natural Oils

Boost hair growth with the combined use of a scalp massager and a nourishing oil. A potent combination of natural oils is the perfect choice since each oil serves a specific purpose.

Jojoba Oil: promotes hair growth and thickness; helps to loosen and remove scalp buildup that inhibits hair growth by blocking hair follicles.
Pumpkin Seed Oil: prevents and reverses hair loss.
Almond Oil: a natural antioxidant that prevents aging.
Argan Oil: fights dry scalp

Kerotin offers a unique nourishing oil, designed to promote scalp health and hair growth for women. It combines 8 natural oils and vitamin E to help hair and scalp become healthier.


Understanding the Hair Cycle

For those of you eager to see results, it is important to understand the hair cycle and wait to witness your full potential. Your natural hair cycle takes three to four months to complete. But it is important to remember that not every hair follicle is on the same cycle time. With that said, you need to patiently wait for at least three months to see your full hair potential. Your hair will only grow during the anagen phase, so you need to wait for each hair follicle to receive proper nutrition, stimulation, and begin the anagen growth cycle again.

Anagen: active growth phase that lasts two to seven days.
: a transitional phase that lasts about two weeks. Hair will stop growing in this phase and the follicle will shrink.
Telogen: a resting phase that lasts up to three months until the hair falls out and the new hair begins the anagen phase.


What to Watch Out For

If you’re looking to be exceptionally proactive keep an eye out for medications and any other supplements that you are consuming and assure that the production of testosterone is not aided as it may increase DHT levels.

Stay away from Minoxidil, a drug that can be found in many hair growth spot treatments. Minoxidil spot treatment will only treat a specific area but will not aid in the promotion of overall hair growth and follicle stimulation.  Minoxidil has also been known to cause contact dermatitis and affect scalp health and follicle health once irritated or infected.

Have Hair Care Questions?

Kerotin experts will be on PRiME Women’s Facebook page and private group on Mar. 26 and 27 to answer your questions on hair care and hair growth for women. Follow us on Facebook, join our private group or send your hair care questions to [email protected].


Better Hair Growth for Women Over 50


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