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Best Moisturizers for Mature Skin

When thinking about writing a piece about the best moisturizers for aging skin I started thinking about how all us ladies have different issues and have skin types. Here are some amazing products to target your concerns, and find what works for you.

Anti – Aging

Whether wanting to take care of fine lines, unwanted texture or minimize some hyperpigmentation, retinoids could be the right thing for you. There are also prescription ones and over-the-counter ones you can use. In short, retinoids boots cell regeneration speed while sloughing off the dead cells.

Sometimes you might have irritated, red skin or dry patches when using. It is essentially a chemical exfoliant. Hence, you do not want to use an exfoliant while using any retinol or retinoid product. Also, be sure to slather on sunscreen. Retinoids can leave the skin very sensitive and can make you prone to sun damage.

Try This Moisturiser for Anti-Aging:

Even Out Skin Tone

Some of us are showing signs of hyperpigmentation and want to even it out.  Hyperpigmentation happens when our bodies produce extra melanin from acne, scarring, and even just hanging out in the sun. We can brighten our skin with moisturizing vitamin C treatments. Songi mushrooms also really get down to the root of the problem and help without damaging your skin cells.

Try These Moisturisers to Even Out Skin Tone:

Sensitive Skin

I have so many clients that have particular allergies to different ingredients, chemicals, or fillers often used in beauty products. These are some great products that are safe for the gals that have sensitive skin with no harsh chemicals, scents, or funky colorants.

Try These Moisturisers for Sensitive Skin:

Combination Skin

Dry, Oily, T-zones, argh!  Some of us need moisture here and not as much here and it is can be a big ball of confusion. So here is a great one that covers all the bases!

Try This Moisturiser for Combination Skin:

Oily Skin

If you think my skin is so oily I don’t even need a moisturizer, think again. Your skin is oily because it is producing more sebum than the average Joe. When you moisturize it can help regulate the sebum levels so they are not working so hard.

Try This Moisturiser for Oily Skin:

Dry Skin

Here is the doozy that most of us combat with on the regular. You can only moisturize so often before it gets frustrating. So lets up the efficacy of our product! Remember that nighttime is the best time to give yourself a huge drink of water. So pop that night cream, eye cream, lip cream and let the work begin while you have sweet dreams!

Try This Moisturiser for Dry Skin:



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