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4 Weapons for Cold Weather Skin Care

It’s October! Mother Nature is tempting us with cooler weather and cozier nights. Fall is my favorite time of the year, but my skin might disagree! Because our skin slowly loses the ability  to produce sebum, it tends to need a bit of extra help keeping it moisturized when we… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • October 12, 2018
fall makeup
Skin Care & Make-Up

Explore the 2018 Fall and Winter Makeup Trends

In reality, you can still fry an egg on the sidewalk where I am in Texas, but can’t we just drink our pumpkin spiced lattes and dream of the arrival of fall? We can’t live the cooler weather at the moment but we sure can prepare for it. Today, let’s… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • September 5, 2018
Cruelty Free Makeup Feature
Skin Care & Make-Up

5 Healthier, Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

Many makeup brands boast that they do not test on animals, are vegan-friendly, or that they do not have parabens. But what does all of this really mean and how can we be so sure? The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar market and it’s growing exponentially each year. It can… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • August 5, 2018
makeup tips
Skin Care & Make-Up

Less is More: 5 Summer Makeup Tips for a Fresh Face

Are you going on an amazing vacation and don’t want to bring your entire makeup vanity along? Or perhaps you just want to to lighten up your look for the summer time? These makeup tips are a great way to downsize to the essentials you’ll need this summer and minimize… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • June 24, 2018
best foundations for mature skin
Skin Care & Make-Up

The 7 Best Foundations for Mature Skin

We all age every day, and things happen, right? Pores start getting bigger, while moisture and luminosity can be harder to maintain. These are a few of the problems every woman deals with in her life. But that doesn't mean we can't fix these things and look insanely fabulous! I… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • June 18, 2018
self tanner
Skin Care & Make-Up

Self Tanner: Top Picks and Tips for a Gorgeous Glow

Having a bronze, coppery glow can feel so wonderful. We haven’t just gotten back from a vacation in the Bahamas, but we can still feel like we did! Tans can have a magical effect on us and also even out skin tone, cover unsightly varicose veins (raises hand), or help… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • May 28, 2018
best way to apply foundation
Skin Care & Make-Up

The Best Way to Apply Foundation

“What is the best way to apply foundation?” is a question I really encounter quite often.  I love all different methods, but I thought it was time to highlight some popular options and give a detailed rundown. There are so many different types of foundation—water-based, oil-based, silicone-based, pressed powder foundation—it… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • April 22, 2018
best makeup palettes
Skin Care & Make-Up

The 6 Best Makeup Palettes for Women on the Go

Being a busy woman takes quite a large amount of planning. Preparing for any hectic day can be tiring, especially when you are wiped out from just having survived one! The best makeup palettes will help make getting ready a breeze. If you are packing for a quick weekend trip… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • March 28, 2018
best makeup for women over 50

The Best Makeup for Women Over 50

Every woman needs a great makeup arsenal regardless if you like to keep things natural or glam it up a few notches.  When you are using great products and taking care of your skin, your skin will take care of you by looking radiant, fresh, and even slowing down the… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • February 18, 2018
makeup regimen
Skin Care & Make-Up

Look Fresh and Ageless with These Makeup Regimen Tips

Happy 2018 to all of my Prime Women! I thought this would be a great time to write about some New Year’s resolutions for your makeup regimen. These are just a few fun pointers to help you look younger and help your makeup stay fresher for longer. It’s so easy… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • January 7, 2018
party makeup
Skin Care & Make-Up

Transitioning from Daytime to Time to Party Makeup

After a long day of working and running countless errands the first thing you want to do is take off your bra and wash your face…but let’s not get hasty, it is the holidays! Schmoozing time has descended upon us in full effect. So clear your dance cards and stock… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • November 24, 2017
nourish your skin
Skin Care & Make-Up

Nourish Your Skin with these Scary Good Facial Masks

Daily face washes and moisturizers are a must for a healthy daily beauty regimen, but do you sometimes feel like you have scary skin and need a little pick-me-up? We thought this month would be apropos to feature some of the most spook-tacular skin care masks on the market! How… Read More
  • Elizabeth Rist |
  • October 20, 2017

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A native of Dallas, Texas, Elizabeth has studied and applied a wide variety of makeup for the past decade. She loves beauty makeup but is also professionally trained in special FX, bodypaint, and hairstyling. She loves the challenges and freedom that art gives her through makeup. Her experience with fashion shoots, headshots, and making private clients look their best requires that she be informed about the latest advancements in makeup and application today.