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The Best Way to Apply Foundation

“What is the best way to apply foundation?” is a question I really encounter quite often.  I love all different methods, but I thought it was time to highlight some popular options and give a detailed rundown.

There are so many different types of foundation—water-based, oil-based, silicone-based, pressed powder foundation—it can make your head spin thinking about it! After finding the one that is right for your skin, it’s then time to find the best way to apply foundation for you specifically. Different strokes for different folks right? In a sense, we are all artists! We all do art every morning when we put our makeup on, and every artist has their favorite way of doing things. Try a few different things out and see what the best way to apply foundation for you is!


Pour out as much foundation as you need on the back of your hand or a small palette, and using a medium sized brush head, work in small controlled 2” circles starting in the center of your face and working your way outward (think the nose and then moving towards cheeks, then forehead, and then chin.) And don’t forget your neck! Always blend your color in down onto your neck. A fun trick for using a brush is to spray a little bit of setting spray on it prior to picking up any foundation. It will help it to glide on smoother and also help it stay longer.

Some favorite brushes for foundation:

[column size=one_third position=first ]

MAC 190 Foundation Brush

MAC 190 Foundation Brush, $35


[column size=one_third position=middle ]

Smashbox Stippling Foundation Brush

Smashbox Stippling Foundation Brush, $38


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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, $8.99


BlendSMART Brushes

These little guys are super fun. It’s kind of like bringing the brush and your fingers application methods together for the best of both worlds! It’s an amazing brush that spins, so you are getting the nice light, fluffy application of the brush head, but then while it’s spinning, it’s also warming up your skin and helping your makeup to melt in and mimic skin so it doesn’t look cakey and sink into pores. These take all the guess work out of the process. Dip your brush and then spin away. Apply like you would a brush moving in the small circles from the center outward and let the spinning head do the rest of the work while you look flawless!

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Favorite Palettes:


These are so popular right now. Whether it be the top-of-the line or just some small disposable sponges (my favorite) these are another great way to apply your foundation. Prep your face accordingly and then take your sponge to the sink. This is a great way to keep it clean (ewwww no mildew!) and dampen it for usage. Get it all scrubbed up with some brush soap and then keep soaking up water and squeezing out the sponge until it feels like all of the soap is out and there are no more sudsies happening. That’s why the cleaner is perfect. If you use other dish or hand soaps, it will bubble FOREVER. Give it a great big squeeze and even use a dish towel to get the excess water out so it’s just bit damp.

Take your dampened sponge and (this sounds weird but bear with me) put big dots of foundation all over your face, then use the sponge to blend everything in. Make sure to use small stippling motions like a baby shiatsu massage! If you rub the product over your face in back and forth motions, it can create large streaks and you will just be rubbing product around instead of working it into your skin. These are great for under eyes too. Having the sponge dampened in the beginning is actually helping to moisturize your skin even more so you are getting a beautiful glowing look!

Favorite Brush Cleaner:

Limelight by Alcone Come Clean Brush and Sponge Shampoo

Favorite Sponges:

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Face Secrets Small Ultra Wedges

Face Secrets Small Ultra Wedges w/ vitamin E, $5.99


[column size=one_half position=last ]

The Original Beauty Blender

Beautyblender The Original Beauty Blender, $20



This is a wonderful way to get your product all warmed up and ready to go! If you read my other articles, you will know how much I love using your fingers because it stimulates cell growth when you get the blood flowing in your face and can help slow down the aging process. It’s like yoga for your face! Put a little pump on the back of your hand and then apply to face getting it all rubbed in where it needs to be. Don’t be shy!


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