8 Professional Eye Makeup Tips to Use at Home

eye makeup tips

What’s your favorite feature? Is it your eyes? After these eye makeup tips they will be! We have heard so many concerns and questions about eye makeup over the years. These are some of the issues and concerns that have come up again and again. There is something for everyone and even advice on when an eye makeup problem may be a symptom of a health concern. Use these makeup tips to make your eyes look their best ever!

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Stop Your Mascara From Getting on Your Face

If by the end of the day you find mascara has gotten under your eyes, there are two things to try. The first is to just use one coat. If you use a good mascara, one coat will be plenty for a daytime look. However, if you like a little more drama or are going for a night look try a lash primer. These are a few of our favorites:

makeup tips: use a lash primer like Tarte's opening act
Tarte Opening Act Lash Primer, $22
L’Oreal Voluminous Primer, $6.29
Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus, $26

Does Mascara Bother Your Contacts?

If you find your eyes are irritated by mascara and contacts, it may not be what you think. Often times it’s not the mascara itself, but the amount of pressure you use. One of the best eye makeup tips anyone can do is to just try using less pressure when applying your mascara. If it doesn’t fix the problem, you may be having an allergic reaction to the mascara. If this is the case, stop using it immediately and possibly see a doctor about the issue.

Hiding Color Loss in Your Lashes and Brows

If you have lost color in your hair with age, you’re not alone! Many older women will lose the color of their brows and lashes. To help cover lashes, and look natural, choose a taupe or brown mascara and eyeliner.

For brows, if you have lost color you will want to fill them in with a brow tool. Check out our video on doing brows in just 4 steps, to see how and get our favorite tools. If you have not just color loss, but hair loss in the eyebrows you may need to see a doctor. Patchy eyebrows can actually be a symptom of a bigger problem, like an autoimmune disease or glandular issue.

How to Get Bigger Eyes

If you want yo open your eyes up and make them appear larger you can use one or all of these eye makeup tips!

  • Many women add a highlight to their browbone. This will definitely help it appear bigger, but you want to be careful! A shimmery color may look dated, so opt for a matte, light color instead.
  • You want to hit just under the browbone. If you add a highlight down to your eyelid it will drag the eye down.
  • Bring your eyeliner all the way out! Don’t stop before your eye ends or it will appear shorter than it actually is. If you want to extend the eye, go slightly past the edge of your eye.
  • Keep dark colors to the outer corners. If your every color in your eyeshadow is very dark it will make the eye appear heavy. You need some lightness or highlight to add balance.
  • For a full glam, open eye try tightlining. At the outer third of your water line use a pencil eyeliner. Then take an eyeliner brush to blend it a little.