Easy Eye Makeup for Women over 50 video tutorial

natural eye makeup for women over 50

Elizabeth Rist, who’s a long-time contributor to Prime Women, and a professional makeup artist who regularly does the makeup for mature women gives us a tutorial on eyes. In this video she teaches us a great way to do everyday eye makeup for women over 50 that’s very natural but also very uplifting and opening.

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5 Step Eye Makeup for Women Over 50

Step 1 – Eye Primer

This is an important step that often gets skipped. It’s good for the longevity of your eye color. It also keeps you from getting all those little creases and problems with your makeup later in the day

  • Use a big fluffy brush or your middle / ring finger
  • Cover the entire lid up to the brow bone with a thin coat
  • Pick a clear color or skin tone

Elizabeth recommends:
>BUY: Urban Decay’s anti-aging eyeshadow primer potion

Step 2 – Eye Shadow in Your skin color

  • Sets your primer & evens any discoloration out
  • Use little circles with a fluffy brush
  • Pull the corner of your eye out to get into all the creases

Elizabeth says: I adore this palette.  All vegan, not tested on animals, plus woman-owned and operated! Her matte neutral eyeshadow palette is a must! The pigment and creaminess is unmatched. You can even do your brows with this palette. It’s a workhorse.
>BUY: Kat Von D Shade and Light eye contour palette


Step 3 – Neutral Toned Eye Color

  • Tap to get excess powder off
  • Lightly accentuate the natural shadow right under the brow bone
  • Make sure your strokes move upward to lift
  • Use your natural line from the edge of the lashes to end of your brow as the stopping point
  • Only use on 1/3 of your eye area
  • Blend to soften any harsh lines

Step 4 – Add Depth

  • Use a slightly darker color to create a v right at the crease to the lash line
  • Apply with smaller brushes to get in the nooks and crannies
  • Then use a bigger brush to soften the look

Step 5 – Highlight

  • Use a light, creamy color
  • Apply just under the brow bone
  • Use just a little in the center and inner corner of the eye

>BUY: Kat Von D Shade and Light eye contour palette for all of the above steps

Step 6 – Eyeliner

  • Use eyeshadow for an everyday look
  • Pop a little bit on the upper lash line
  • Spritz an angled liner brush with Evian spray
  • Pull the top corner slightly to get any loose skin back
  • Choke up on your brush handle
  • Start from the outside in to middle, then inside to middle
  • Set the brush down on the lashes to stamp the color
  • Put a thicker soft “line” on the outside and taper in

Elizabeth Recommends: The darker eyeshadow from the pallete above or for something a little heavier, this pen is great 
>BUY: NARS stylo felt pen
>BUY: Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray

Step 7 – Clean up Fallout

  • It’s the reason you do your eyes before the rest of your face
  • Wipe any fallen powder away from under your eyes
  • You’ll be surprised how much is there, even if you can’t see it

Elizabeth Recommends:
>BUY: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Twin-Pack

Step 8 – Lower Lashline

  • Stamp the darker eyeshadow from outside to 1/3 of the way in
  • Don’t go all the way to the inner corner
  • Use the lighter color on the inner corner
  • Blend to soften it up

Step 9 – Mascara

  • Start on the outer upper lash
  • Give your lashes just a light sweep
  • Apply to the base of the lashes then shimmy up
  • If you want darker, do a second application
  • Use a fiber mascara if you want a thicker look without looking chunky
  • Finish with a soft sweep on the bottom lashes
  • Have trouble with mascara running? Try a mascara primer

Elizabeth Recommends:
>BUY: Limelife Lengthening Mascara



Makeup After 50: How to Contour for a More Beautiful You!

Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial for Women After 50



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