How to do Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes

There are more women with hooded eyes than you might realize, including celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Lauren Bacall, Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, and others. Because we don't all have a team of makeup artists to help us, we'll guide you through the process to do eyeshadow for hooded eyes.
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Hooded eyes are a problem for many women and are even more common in older women. They can make you look tired and can make applying makeup difficult. Luckily, there are several ways to conceal the appearance of hooded eyes and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. If you have this type of eye shape, consider using makeup to create a more youthful appearance. In this article, we’ll explore what causes hooded eyes and offer tips on how to apply eyeshadow for the most flattering effect. 

What Are Hooded Eyes?

How to determine Eye Shape.

Hooded eyelids are characterized by excess skin under the brow bone or across the upper eyelid, causing your eyes to appear droopy. This condition is scientifically known as dermatochalasis and can make the eye appear smaller and less defined. Hooded eyes are often genetic, but they can also be caused by aging. As we get older, our facial muscles become less toned, which can cause them to sag. Unfortunately, this can lead to hooded eyes. 

Dermatochalasis is primarily an aesthetic issue and doesn’t cause any medical consequences, though you should consider consulting with a healthcare provider if your hooded eyelids impact your vision. 

Are There Treatments Available for Hooded Eyes?

Upper-Eyelid Blepharoplasty

While makeup can do wonders to decrease the appearance of hooded eyes, some may be looking for a more permanent solution. There are several treatments available to help fix hooded eyes.

A surgery called blepharoplasty permanently removes excess skin from the upper eyelid and can help create a more prominent crease in your eyelid. The surgeon removes excess skin from the upper lid and tightens the muscle that lifts the upper lid. In terms of effective non-surgical procedures, Dermal fillers can also create a more substantial crease or bring down excess skin on your upper eyelid. 

Doing Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes

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In order to effectively apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes, you’ll need to start by assembling your supplies. You’ll need a primer as well as light, medium, and dark eyeshadow shades. While many people tend to apply eyeshadow with their eyes closed, it’s important to keep your eyes open if you have hooded eyes in order to see your natural crease. 

Start by applying primer all over your lid and blend inwards with your fingers or a brush if you prefer. Primer will help the shadow stay in place. Use a matte or metallic cream shadow in a light shade on the inner corners of your eyes. This will draw attention to that area and make your eyes appear larger. Use a bright copper, gold, or silver shade if you want even more definition. Then, apply a light matte brown shade or taupe onto the middle part of your lid, blending it into the crease area so that it looks seamless with your skin tone. Feel free to apply this color slightly above your natural crease. This will give your eyes more depth and make them look bigger than they actually are. To make your eyes look bigger, it’s best to use light-colored eyeshadow on your lids.

Finally, apply a deep brown or black shade with an angled brush on the outer corners of your lid, creating a slight winged effect at the edges of your lash line. Those with more advanced makeup application experience can try creating a cut crease. This is a technique that fakes a defined eyelid crease by using a dark-toned shadow. 

Additional Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

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While eyeshadow is important, there are additional considerations to keep in mind when applying makeup for hooded eyes. You can use eyeliner if you want to define your lash line further and add definition to your eyes. When choosing eyeliner, opt for a waterproof option, which will be more long-lasting. Many people with hooded eyes tend to apply too much mascara because they think it helps them open up their eyes more. However, the opposite can actually be true. Applying too much mascara can make your eyelid look more droopy. Use a light application and an eyelash curler before applying any mascara to further open up the eyes. 

People with hooded eyes may notice their mascara smudges because their lashes brush up against their brow bones. To prevent this, choose a waterproof product, and if you wear false eyelashes, pick a set that’s fluttery with longer lashes in the middle to make your eyes look more open.

Also, consider your eyebrows when applying makeup for hooded eyes. Avoid dark or heavy eyebrow makeup, and try adding a light, shimmery shade to the space under your brows to add additional brightness. 

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