Flattering Jeans for Women Over 50

In a recent article in UK’s Daily Mail, they reported that women over 50 named jeans as their favorite item of clothing. Only 1 percent named lingerie. Shocker, right? I’m quite sure a similar study done in the U.S. would report similar results. However, finding jeans for women over 50 that are flattering is not that easy.

Though the article said women over 50 are emerging as Britain’s most powerful consumer group and are a hugely lucrative market for the fashion industry (just as they are in the U.S.), a new study says that too often designers and retailers fail to understand them and what they want from clothes. This would certainly be true of jeans. Just ask any woman over 50 who has spent any time in a dressing room trying on jeans!

While it is hard to make any general statements about which jeans fit a mature body better, there are certainly some designers who are making jeans for women over 50 that are flattering.

Here are some things to consider before you make your selection:

  • High-rise jeans work best on most women. If you have absolutely no tummy, go for the low to mid-rise and try not to brag about them.
  • If you are ordering online, order two sizes – one bigger than you think you need and one the size you think you wear. Nothing is worse than going out to dinner in a pair of jeans so snug they cut off the connection between your stomach and your intestines (really bad for digestion too). You can always return the other pair.
  • Darker washes are always more slimming but a good pair of white jeans can be flattering for most women.

How many jeans do you really need? According to the “The Princess of Resale” Lorena Shiff, you only need five:

  1. One true to your size (in any shape that works best for your body type).
  2. One size up (for those days that you feel bloated).
  3. A boyfriend cut, which means, straight leg, lose fit jeans – these work best for casual weekend or running errands.
  4. A skinny jean, always great for any occasion from casual to party or even work, with high heels or boots, and a cute clutch, you are all set!
  5. A bootcut or even a flared if you want to extend the length of your leg. The bootcut is more versatile and you’ll keep in your closet longer but flares are definitely back in style and extend the length of the leg.

I would also add a pair of white jeans for summer. They are incredibly versatile and look fresher in warmer weather.

The bigger question is do the jeans you currently own fit well and flatter your figure? If not, it’s time to clear out your closet and replace them with jeans you are going to feel good wearing every time you put them on and since jeans are our favorite clothing item, it’s going to be often.

Here are some we think are the best jeans for women over 50.


Alina Pull-On Jean, $99 

Available in 2 colors, sizes 0-18 


NYDJ Marilyn Straight-Leg Future Fit, $69 

Available in Sizes 00-14 & Petites, 4 washes to choose from. 

The Modern Boyfriend Jean

The Modern Boyfriend Jean 

Available in 4 colors, sizes 24-32 

Rock and Roll Cowgirl Denim Trousers

Rock and Roll Cowgirl Trousers, $79 

Available in sizes 26-34, and inseams of 32&34. 

Levi's 314 Shaping Straight

Levi’s® Womens 314™ Shaping Straight, $55 

Available in 3 colors and sizes 26-34. 

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Itty Bitty Bootcut Jeans

Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Ankle Skimmer Jeans, $68

Available in sizes 0-18, Petite & Regular, in 5 colors.

3x1 NYC Shelter Austin High-Rise Cropped Pants

3×1 NYC Shelter Austin High-Rise Cropped Denim, $225

Available in sizes 25-32.

The High-Rise Slim Boyjean by MADEWELL

The High-Rise Slim Boyjean by MADEWELL, $128

Available in sizes 23-35.


Wit & Wisdom Seamless Ankle Skimmer Jeans

Wit & Wisdom Seamless Ankle Skimmer Jeans, $68

Available in sizes 0-18.

Barbara Bootcut in Smart Embrace Denim

Barbara Bootcut in Smart Embrace Denim, $139

Available in sizes 0-18.

Pilcro Ultra High-Rise Flare Jeans

Pilcro Ultra High-Rise Flare Jeans, $138

Available in sizes 24-33, and 2 colors.

NYDJ Marilyn Stretch Straight Leg Jeans

NYDJ Marilyn Stretch Straight Leg Jeans, $109

Available in sizes 0-18, in Regular & Petite.

jen7 jeans

Jen7 High Rise Straight Leg Jean, $159

Available in sizes 0-14.

NYDJ Marilyn Straight Jeans

Oprah’s Favorite Jeans

NYDJ Marilyn Straight Jeans, $129

Available in sizes 00-18, and 3 colors.


MOTO Mid Blue New Boyfriend Jeans

MOTO Mid Blue New Boyfriend Jeans, $80

Available in sizes 24-36, and inseams of 30″, 32″ & 34″.


UNIQLO Women Ultra Stretch High Rise Ankle Jeans

UNIQLO Women Ultra Stretch High Rise Ankle Jeans, £34.90

Short 5 Pocket Straight Length Jeans in Black

5 Pocket Straight Jean, £49.50


Mimi Jean, High Rise Slim, £225.00