Body Parts That Stay Sexy Forever and How to Showcase Them

There are certain parts of our body that stay sexy no matter how old we get (or feel). Find out how to showcase these sexy body parts.
Sexy shoulder collarbone

Are there really body parts that stay sexy forever? I am here to tell you that, yes, there are! There is even better news: these places look great even when you gain weight. Perhaps you have heard about how important muscles are. They serve several physiological functions. They also have the aesthetic responsibility of preventing skin from drooping or sagging.

As we get older, maintaining muscle tone becomes even more important. So, if you have poor muscle tone, you will be hard-pressed to locate a place on your body that has not changed. This brings me to the good news about the three areas of your body that will never let you down. Where are these areas? Keep reading to find your forever sexy spots.

Back It Up

Sexy back

The first location defies gravity and does not need muscle tone to look great. This is because gravity pulls those few extra pounds down and to your sides, leaving this body part smooth and sexy. So, while gravity is the enemy of our bosoms, it is a friend to where? You guessed it; gravity is a friend to your upper back! This location expertly hides extra weight and poor muscle tone from view. No one will ever know that you over-indulged in dessert by looking at your upper back.

Now that you know where you will look amazing forever, the next question is how best to show it off. Wear clothes with necklines that dip down your back. Remember, the sexy location is your upper back, not your entire back. How low can you go? One easy trick is to use a v-necked t-shirt and put it on backward. The t-shirt will be snug at your neckline in the front, but it will dip nicely down your upper back. That is what you want. I love wearing monochromatic clothes because they draw attention to that one sexy spot that is proudly on display.

Shrug It Off

Sexy neck

Your next body part that is sexy forever is another area that wins every time. This area, or should I say areas, also benefits from the effects of gravity. The extra weight just hangs down, leaving these locations looking feminine and sexy. Did you figure it out? Your other locations that are forever attractive are your shoulders!

Whether you are athletic or curvy, your shoulders will hide any flabby areas on upper your arms. This means that your shoulders will always have a slim, sexy appearance. Isn’t gravity great? Your shoulder is a ball and socket joint. Your clavicle in front joins the humerus bone in your upper arm at the acromion bone in your shoulder. All three bones deserve a thank you for allowing the weight to hang downwards, leaving your shoulders looking gorgeous. The secret to maximizing the beauty of your shoulders is to wear a long-sleeved top that is designed with shoulder cutouts. You can also wear tops that have a cutout for just one shoulder. You win if you find a top that shows off one shoulder and your upper back!

Best Face Forward

Woman in a grey turtleneck

The last place that looks sexy and hides your age is actually the first place people look. This is the one location that gets the most care for our bodies. We wash, moisturize, and rub sunscreen all over this body part. We invest in serums, creams, and ointments to prevent wrinkles and fight the signs of aging. Where am I describing? Why your face, of course! We pay most of our attention to our faces for our entire lives. The problem is that as we get older, we do not display our faces in the best way possible.

What do I mean by displaying our faces? This means investing in colors that bring attention upwards. Wear your most complimenting color close to your face. Trim your hair to highlight the areas on your face that you love. One garment that never fails to draw attention to your face while still providing a sleek, elegant look is the turtle neck. Why not invest in turtle necks for every season? Wear short-sleeved, mock turtle necks

in the spring and summer; wear long-sleeved turtle necks in the winter. You can even invest in sweaters that sport a floppy, puffy, turtle-neck-looking neckline. If you do not have a turtle neck, wrap a complimentary scarf around your neck and strut your stuff. Whichever way you choose, wearing a turtle neck automatically draws the eye to your face. It is up to you to accessorize with jewelry or accentuate your features with mysterious eye makeup or a bold lip color. French girls know how to draw your eye to and from the places they choose. They do it easily. Sometimes, they wear a hat to add interest to both their face and outfit. Once again, monochromatic clothes just shine a spotlight on the one area that you want to show off. These tips are easy to follow and do not require a great financial investment.

Wrapping It Up

Whatever body part you think is sexy, always remember to add confidence to your look. Your upper back, shoulders, and your beautiful face will only look as good as you feel. So wear that v-necked t-shirt backward, wear a bold lip color, put on your sunglasses, and walk out in style. Your confidence will make you look sexy forever.

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