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The Easiest Way to Look Younger – Fast!

Who doesn’t want to look younger fast and make a good first impression? You may be surprised to learn that the treatment making the biggest impact on how people perceive us is not a facelift, Botox ® or a filler. Surprise! It’s makeup. That’s right — makeup.

In a study published April 2015 in Drugs in Dermatology, Dr. David Dayan found that for women over 40, control cosmetic makeup made them appear 4.5 years younger than their stated age. The women in the study were photographed with no makeup, their own makeup and a control makeup (IT Cosmetics). The subjects watched a cosmetic representative give a live demonstration of how to apply the control makeup. Three hundred evaluators examined the photos. The results showed that the patients with makeup were perceived as younger than those without makeup. Furthermore, makeup outperformed neuromodulators, fillers and facial surgery in regards to making a good first impression.

However, makeup can make us look older if not applied correctly and needs to be applied judiciously. Check out Prime’s own Lenore Caulton-Downey for tips on make up. There are also plenty of YouTube videos regarding how to apply makeup. Better yet, visit your local department store makeup counters and ask for a makeover. The only expectation is that you buy one item. Just be forthright on what type of look you want, i.e., natural or more dramatic.

Neuromodulators (Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin®) and fillers (Restylane®, Juvederm® and Sculptra®) can all improve appearance, but they can also backfire if overdone or not done correctly. In the article ‘Hooked on Injectables’, Emily Listfield asks, “When did fish lips and frozen foreheads become our beauty ideal?” She goes on to advise how to use and not abuse.

First and foremost, select a conservative Doctor who is board certified with an expertise and experience in cosmetic injectables. Schedule a consultation before treatment for the two of you to discuss what your concerns are. Most doctors will apply the consultation fee toward the treatment. If it turns out that there is not a good treatment for your concern, realize it is worth the consultation fee to learn that from an expert. I have seen more than one patient pay for a procedure that did not help, and they would have happily paid the consultation fee to find that out first.

During the consultation, the Doctor usually hands the patient a mirror and allows the patient to point out what is bothering them. The Doctor can then explain how that concern can be addressed, as well as point out what the Doctor thinks might make an improvement. The Doctor should counsel you about what is reasonable and realistic and what the costs are. The Doctor can also review the benefits and risks of each procedure and show you Before and After pictures of their own patients who have had the procedure.

This Doctor’s valentine gift to you is the knowledge that good ole makeup is the easiest way to look younger fast. So ladies, forget diamonds, makeup is a girl’s best friend.

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