An Expert’s Guide To Younger Looking Hair—And Hair Colors That Age You

When we think about our anti-aging routines, our minds rarely venture past skincare. We’re brushed up on retinol knowledge and other anti-aging products, but our minds rarely go to our hair. Sure, we’re mindful of maintaining our gray hair (or covering it!) and getting regular trims, but the biggest anti-aging secret has everything to do with color. This article will cover the hair colors that age you, and guide you gracefully to youthful hair coloring.

Handling Regrowth and Hair Colors That Age You

Let’s start with regrowth. After hair salons were shuttered during COVID-19, many women have discovered just how many greys they actually have, or perhaps they are embracing their natural color over the forced color.

 In the case of growing in the white/grey regrowth, I suggest having the old color on mid-length and ends adjusted as close as possible to the regrowth hue. This means stripping out darker shades. Use a trusted professional for this. For example, if you have been using brown tones to cover greys,  after stripping you may end up orange. And in some cases of ash brown, you will end up green! The principle here is to remove the old color from mid-length and ends and to erase the regrowth line by adding low lights and/or highlights to create a connection harmony. Complicated I know, that’s why you need a good professional colorist.

I would also suggest a shorter haircut during this procedure which will help eliminate even quicker the old color.

How to Grow Out a Lighter Shade on Brunette Roots

In the case of growing out a lighter shade on brunette roots, it a fairly easy procedure to add back color pigment to the midlength and ends.

hair coloring mistakes

Youthful Regrowth for Blondes

The best is to be a blonde and go gracefully white. To keep the transition youthful apply highlights (or even some low lights around the root area) to project a youthful regrowth effect.
Blonde just blends with white hair. So with an imaginative colorist, all kinds of hues can be placed to add youthful shine halos to the overall surface.

hair coloring mistakes

How To Maintain Youthful Vibrancy with Red Hair

hair coloring mistakes

With age, a redhead will lose its vibrancy. To avoid that hair color that’s too bright and ages you, avoid strong tones and soften the red with a strawberry blonde hue. It still resonates with a redhead but in a soft flattering way.

The Biggest Hair Coloring Mistake You Can Make 

The biggest mistake you can make with your hair is opting for a shade that’s too dark. That brunette shade of your 20’s? Don’t do it. Nothing is more aging to any mature woman than a hair color that is obviously too dark. What we need to remember is to have a connection between brows, eyelashes, and hair color for it to work.

Our skin colors often fade out with age and require a softer hue to flatter. Add a few milk chocolate highlights within the dark chocolate base for an attractive (not harsh) approach.

Invest in Proper Home Care

The most important aspect of coloring or even not coloring our hair with age is to nurture the strands. In more cases than none, white and grey hair can even set in with a different stronger texture resembling coarse almost wirey strands. So it’s vital to keep that hair hydrated. I recommend the  Iles Shampoo which is brilliant on gray hair. If you suffer yellow tinges in your gray caused by medication, heated tools, even some towns water supplies will stain white hair through the added chemicals used to purify the water, this shampoo will remove them usually from the first use! Then follow with the Iles Formula conditioner. This product is the best conditioner I know, it is award-winning, and works to repair instantly on application. The result it delivers is soft, sumptuous, lustrous hair from the first use.  Please read the reviews.

hair coloring mistakes

Color-Safe Shampoo

Shampoo should be sulfate-free + paraben free + silicon free and have a PH between 5.5 to 6.5 for healthy hair and healthy scalp. The right shampoo is a colorist’s best friend as it heals over porosity bars. Porosity bars deliver uneven color results.

Color-Safe Conditioner

The perfect PH to look for is between 4.0 and 5.0. The Iles Formula conditioner conditions like no other, in that it shuts tight the hair cuticle without leaving any residue like keratin, protein, or silicon on the hair shaft. That means healthy conditioned hair that is not weighed down.

Color-Safe Protection Serums

The right serum, like Iles Formula Signature Collection, will protect your hair from heated tools and fading. For example, red hues will immediately fade when the heat is applied to them, so a quality serum is a must. Be sure and also look for UV protection in your serum — applying a small amount every day will reduce fade. (Take a read, and don’t forget the reviews!)

Header images via Vogue Hair Salon in Danmark

Avoid hair colors that age you!


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