Sun Hats Are Your New SPF: Seasonally Protective Friend

From an early age, sun protection is something we need to pay close attention to each and every day. For me, it seems as if I can’t apply sunscreen often enough. Each morning I use a moisturizer with a built-in sunscreen, but that’s just not enough anymore. If we’re going to the pool, park, or lake, it seems I’m constantly reapplying sunscreen to avoid getting a burn or, even worse, sun spots or wrinkles! That’s why some of my favorite summer accessories are ladies’ sun hats. 

Plan, Protect, Prevent

Aside from being a great way to express our mood and personal style, sun hats are also one of our greatest undercover heroes. This is because sun hats are one of the only accessories that protect us from the sun, keeping our skin safe and fresh. Many provide a nice cooling shade, but more often than not, sun hat designers are moving toward the trend of using SPF-protecting fabrics, upping our sunscreen game.

Consequently, this provides adequate sun protection for those with any allergies to the harsh chemicals found in many of the higher SPF-yielding creams. If you choose this route, there are also many swimwear options, from swimsuits to swim shirts, that can also help provide SPF coverage while avoiding potential allergens.

When shopping for ladies sun hats, we obviously have to think about style. However, the material also matters and should be taken into consideration when choosing a hat for our various activities, from gardening to lounging by the pool to attending a fundraiser for our favorite charity. According to the American Cancer Society, the tighter the weave of the fabric, the higher level of sun protection the hat will provide. If you’re going to wear the hat for long stretches of time, try to find one that will provide you with ample protection. 

Furthermore, something we don’t often consider is protecting our eyes. Did you know that the majority of cataracts are caused by damaging UV rays? Forget ‘crow’s feet,’ protecting your peepers from the harsh rays of the sun can extend your vision as you age! With all of those variables in mind, here are our favorite sun hat selections for any occasion. 

Ladies Sun Hats


Let’s face it: we aren’t getting any younger, and the skincare regimen needed to try to make us look more youthful just keeps getting more expensive and time-consuming. I’ve always liked the adage ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ because it applies to many things in life. When it comes to sun protection, especially for the delicate skin on our face, prevention is so important. When you head to the store to purchase a quality sunscreen, consider picking up a sun hat (or two!) to help prevent the sun’s harmful rays from reaching your face. It’s one of your greatest assets – protect it and save yourself some time and stress in the future!

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