PrimeWomen's Guide to SunHats

Sun Hats Are Your New SPF: Seasonally Protective Friend

Some of our favorite summer accessories are ladies sun hats. Depending on the style of hat, you can transform any piece in your wardrobe, from funky to classic, retro Hollywood to Royal Family! Until recently it was difficult to travel with several hats, but the designers have stepped up the game with many offering foldable versions of our favorite headdress.

Plan, Protection, Prevention

Aside from being a great way to express your mood and personal style, this clever accessory is also a mighty friend in disguise. This is because sun hats are the only accessory that protects you from the sun, keeping your skin safe and fresh. Many provide elegant shade but many more are moving toward the trend of using SPF-protecting fabrics, upping your sunscreen game. 

Consequently, this provides adequate sun protection for those with any allergies to the harsh chemicals found in many of the higher SPF yielding creams. If you are choosing this option,  there are also many swimwear options that help provide SPF coverage for an allergy-workaround, too.

Picking ladies sun hats based on style, your choice of material matters and should be considered when choosing a hat for your many activities, from gardening to lounging by the pool. According to the American Cancer Society, the tighter the weave of the fabric, the higher level of sun protection the hat will provide.

Furthermore, something we don’t often consider protecting are our eyes. Did you know that the majority of cataracts are caused by damaging UV rays? Forget ‘crow’s feet’, protecting your peepers from the harsh rays of the sun can extend your vision as you age!

Check out our guide to sun hats below and be sure to grab a few for this summer! 

Ladies Sun Hats:

Eric Javits Voyager Floppy Ladies Sun Hat

Eric Javits, Voyager Floppy Sun Hat, $350


Helen Kaminski Kamali Packable Ladies Sun Hat

Helen Kaminski Kamali Packable Sun Hat, $195

Ladies Sun Hats by Cabana Life Dr. Bowe

Cabana Life + Dr. Bowe, Whitney Hat, $48


Cabana Life, Whitney Hat, $48

Physician Endorsed Pitch Perfect Ladies Sun Hats

Physician Endorsed, Pitch Perfect Hat, $48


Cabana Life, Amelia Hat, $40

San Diego Hat Company Packable Visor

San Diego Hat Company, Packable Visor, $34


Columbia Summer Standard Sun Hat

Columbia Summer Standard™ Sun Hat, $30

Cabana Life Baseball Hat


Cabana Life, SPF 50+ Baseball Hat, $28

Betmar Evi

Betmar Evi, $27



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