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Where to Buy the Best Bathing Suits Online

As summer approaches, it’s time to start thinking about bathing suits. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the pool, beach, lake or whatever body of water I can find. I used to hate shopping for swimwear, but over the years I have figured out what brands and styles work for me. I enjoy shopping for a cute bathing suit and have no problems shopping online. I prefer online shopping over an in-store experience any day of the week. At home, I can try on bathing suits in my own mirror and with my own accessories. It takes a little trial and error, but I’ve found several shops online where I can buy great fitting bathing suits. There are bathing suits out there in all price points, so there is always a great selection from the high to the low end of your budget.

Tips for Buying Online

Here’s how and where to buy the best bathing suits online.

Do your research and know the style that works for you. I prefer a two-piece, but with a full coverage top and bottom. I also like a bottom with a skirt for backyard pool parties or going to visit my friend’s lake house. I also love a classic one-piece with one shoulder or strapless. When my family goes to the beach, I like a bandeau top so I can avoid tan lines. And of course, I use SPF!

If you are not sure how the sizing works or you are shopping for a specific brand for the first time, order two sizes. Most companies have great return policies, but still, make sure to check the return/exchange policy before ordering.

Mix brands! I love to wear a solid bottom that can be found on any website and pair it with a beautiful floral top. Classic and chic!

If you are going to be doing water activities, be aware of bathing suit styles that work for that particular activity. My family loves to snorkel, so I either opt for a comfortable one-piece or a full coverage two-piece.


Here are my favorite online shops for bathing suits. Happy shopping!






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