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Summer Black

Summer black or an all black wardrobe

There’s a reason so many women wear all or mostly black. Audrey Hepburn, Louise Brooks, Norma Kamali, and Chanel, to name a few. Black always looks elegant yet modern, and with so many choices of styles and fabrics, you never get tired of black.

Why Consider a Summer Black Wardrobe?

There are always new ways to wear black, and an all-black wardrobe lets you get away with more than any other color. Nothing is more slimming than an all-black outfit. Your pieces from 10 years ago still work, layered with newer pieces. Not to mention, it saves time. When you wear all black, you don’t have to worry about matching.

Black is appropriate for every event at any time of day, and it’s hard to look under (or over) dressed in black. And if you want to feel and look confident, wear black. According to a study done in the U.K., a conclusive 56% of respondents in their survey favored black as a color of confidence.

During the winter, I tend to wear a lot of black clothing, not that anybody sees me, because I typically wear a coat and hat. And while black can wash you out if you’re fair, when we get a bit of a suntan (picked up poolside or chemically-induced) in the summer months, it can be more flattering with a black wardrobe.

Summer also allows us to show a little more skin. Show some bare ankles between cropped trousers and sandals, a thigh split on a dress, or a blouse that shows your shoulders. Black is also great for downplaying bigger busts, and having a low-cut bodice neckline in black can be more subtly sexy.

This season bohemian style maxi skirts are making a comeback. They come in a wide variety of patterns and colors, but black is the color that works best, and it would look great paired with a black bodysuit or a crisp white cotton shirt.

How to Start Your Summer Black Wardrobe

First, take stock of what you already have in your closet that’s black. Get rid of anything that looks worn or overly used. An all-black look demands sleek and chic pieces, and nothing says the opposite like a black shirt that has a stretched neck or has been washed so many times it’s gray. Then find where the gaps in your closet are and fill them in. You don’t need to wear black top to toe. You can keep some of your color and print, but temper it with black. 

To get started, everyone should have at least one of every item we list below, although it never hurts to have more options! And when purchasing, buy the highest quality you can afford. Look for quality fabrics, like wool, silk, and 100% cotton. Because these items will never go out of style, you can wear them for years and years to come. Think of anything you purchase for an all-black wardrobe as an investment in yourself.

The Basics for a Summer Black Wardrobe


Every wardrobe needs an LBD – a little black dress. Coco Chanel invented the LBD in 1926. Chanel wanted to create a dress that would be appropriate for any occasion and look different just by changing accessories. Of course, nothing looks better with an LBD than Chanel’s signature pearls, which help you to perfect that summer black look.


Buy a quality pair of basic black pants, and they will last you for years. A straight leg is the best and most versatile. Look for a wool blend or high-quality knit. A chic pair of cropped pants or capris will add style to your summer black wardrobe while staying cool enough for warm summer nights. 

If pants are a turn-off for you, consider a high-quality pair of black jeans. 


Dress it down with a pair of jeans, or dress it up. Pair with trousers or wear over your LBD. Nothing is more versatile than a good black jacket, especially for summer evenings out with friends. Make sure it’s long enough to cover your rear and that the fit is impeccable.


Have a stack of tees in black with a variety of color accessories to add pop. Wear it alone or layer under a jacket or sweater, and buy good quality tees that won’t stretch out or fade over time.



They lengthen the leg and make the arch of the foot more defined, giving you a sexier look than flats. A good pair of comfortable black heels are indispensable for the summer black wardrobe. Buy the best pair of black pumps you can afford. Take care of them, and they will last for years.


If the occasion doesn’t call for a heel or you just don’t wear them anymore, a polished flat black shoe can still elevate any outfit. Pointed toe-flats will always be in style, or try loafers for something a little more professional.


This is a versatile piece that can take you from a sophisticated wedding guest to a cozy traveler. We recommend getting two – one for warmer weather in linen or cotton for your summer black look and another for the winter months.


Accessories can add a pop of color to an all-black wardrobe, but there are some staples you should still get in black, like a good belt. Avoid belts that are too trendy and opt for classic shapes instead.

While I’m all for color, sometimes it’s fun to mix it up a bit. Consider trying a summer black wardrobe this year to add a fashionable and slimming touch to your closet. With your summer tan, you can get away with an all-black wardrobe, adding pops of color with accessories and fun fashion pieces. 

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