Lysee Pull On Dress Pants

Prime Pick: The Best Looking Pull On Dress Pants We’ve Found

All the comfort of a yoga pant with all the style of business slacks… it that possible? I didn’t believe it. But Lyssé’s website showed several styles that fit that category. I ordered their special pull-on dress pants with skepticism, pretty sure I was going to be disappointed. What a pleasant surprise!

Holy Moly, These are Beautiful Pants!

So expensive looking! I’m going to attempt to describe how great this fabric is, but I’ve never really felt material like it before. I got the Elysse Pant Scuba in Camel Plaid (also comes in Jacquard or solid ponte in plus size). They look and feel 20 times better than they do on the Lyssé website (and I thought they looked good there!).

  • Rich coloring
  • Print looks like real woven plaid
  • Thick and sturdy with a matte finish
  • Looks or feels nothing like any man-made material I’ve ever seen
  • Feels soft, in a smooth way.
  • Slight Stretch… but not as much as lycra or spandex
  • Moves well
  • Keeps their shape all-day
  • Breathable

the seaming looks like a well pressed front crease

  • Front “crease” seaming
  • No wrinkling
  • Machine washable!!

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These Pants Fit Like a Dream

I don’t say this lightly. It’s really, really hard for me to find pants that fit right. My waist is big, but my behind and upper thighs aren’t. And I’m tall. These have a flattering fit in all the right places. But the way they are made makes it obvious they will fit many body types. Hard to believe pull-on dress pants can fit this well!

5" comfort waistband lining

  • Firming stretch 5″ waistband lining instead of elastic
  • Non-binding waist (it doesn’t squeeze or create any rolls)
  • Pulls on easily
  • No zippers, buttons, clasps, hooks or any closures
  • Stay put (no tugging needed after wearing all day)
  • Sculpts to your body without being tight (no sagging)
  • Flattering slight flare below the knee
  • Perfect length (5’10 and size XL)
  • True to size
  • Comfortable and movable in every way


How a pant can be travel-friendly, kid-friendly, movement-friendly and work-friendly at the same time while looking this nice is beyond me. It’s not just these pants either. All their pants and leggings are in the pull-on style. Now that I know what miracle pants they are, I’ll also be getting the Lyssé Dorsey Pant, Ellis Trouser, and Miller Tregging for the office. I know they’ll transition easily to casual wear.

More Than Just Pants

Oh… and look at the Studded Graham Jacket I got in black. I’m in love with it. The simple metal detailing feels a little rock and roll without being teeny bopper. It looks very classy. The lapels drape just right. And like the pants, this crepe material is awesome. The weight and matte finish make it look designer grade, but it doesn’t wrinkle and is also washable. Flat pockets are a bonus! I’d wear this in place of a cardigan or a leather moto jacket. This runs a little bit bigger, so I sized down (L) and it fit just right. It also comes in olive (I might need both).

I’m truly impressed with everything I received from Lyssé. So much so, that I’ll feel comfortable ordering online knowing I won’t need to send anything back. Notice they have plus size and jeans, too. If you think this gushing is a little over the top, wait until you try a pair of pants. You’re welcome!



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