What are Treggings?

What Are Treggings?

What are treggings – seriously?

Treggings are the greatest trend to come along since leggings and jeggings – really? That’s the word on the street from the fashion gods. Okay, so we all love leggings – easy to wear, keeps those jiggling bits in place, no thick waistband/zipper/button in front to add to that frontal protrusion, can throw a long shirt/tunic/t-shirt over and you have a nice casual look.

Then came jeggings – looks just like jeans but thinner material and same advantages as leggings. It also makes for a nice casual look. They look great with boots, tennis shoes, sandals, flats and yes, high heels. Although, I have to say that I could never get into wearing leggings or jeggings with high heels – sort of defeats the comfy casual feel. And a few times I ended up, unbeknownst to me, with leggings and jeggings that looked like I had on hose (and not the opaque kind) – made for a few embarrassing moments (remember Lululemon’s see-through problem?).

Unfortunately, unless you work in a very informal environment, leggings and jeggings are inappropriate for more professional, formal workplaces as well as for visiting customers or attending professional events. So, now we have morphed our leggings into treggings. But what are treggings? They are actually trousers (get it now!) usually made out of stretchy material like Ponte knit or scuba knit that are thicker than leggings and without the see through issue.

Many are made with pant details that make them look like a slim trouser pant. In fact, you can find them under the common, but not as catchy, names called pencil pants and slim pants. They are comfortable – pull on, side zipper, or back zipper – and look professional with blazers and more oversized pieces.

They are great for the over 50 woman mainly due to their flat front, stretch, and comfort. And with all of the boots and cool loafers out now, you can really up the chic-o-meter. Add a backpack (much better for your back anyway), crossbody bag, or satchel, and you will be all set. And now when asked “what are treggings?” you can be all smug and flaunt your fashion knowledge.

Oh, I almost forgot one of the best advantages of treggings – you can pack a bunch of them. No need to check in luggage when you can get everything you need in one carry on and backpack!


Editor’s Note: Best pair of Treggings (pants) to own. Great investment because they look good for years!



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