Athleisure Wear for Women Over 50

No matter what your favorite workout is, there is a lot of options in athleisure wear for the woman over (or nearing) 50.

Athleisure wear. Truly an American-born wardrobe staple, we can take ‘comfy’ to a whole other level. Designers caught on to this fashion trend and created beautiful, luxurious pieces for days when wearing “grown-up clothes” is just not going to happen.

See, the point of Athleisure isn’t the workout. It’s about feeling feminine, strong, and chic. More often than not, the designers have zero intention of you actually working out in said workout clothes. Athleisure wear is a guilt-free zone that says, “Be fabulous, but be comfortable, and if you should decide to go workout, then good for you!”

While the trend started with moms and celebrities looking for casual elegance running between life moments, workout wear designers took note. They elevated what was left of boring but functional styles.

No matter your favorite workout – a walk in the park, a few laps in the pool, or balancing your chakras, there are a lot of options in athleisure wear for the woman over 50.

We’ve created a few looks that will take you from the gym to brunch and back again.

Top Picks

Athleisure wear top picks

Betabrand Classic Dress Pant Yoga Pants, $68 | Yummie’s Talia Cropped Capri Shaping Leggings, $38

Beyond Ballet

Prime Recommends: Athleisure Ballet Look

Salutation Stash Flare Pant, $119 | CloudKnit Long Sleeve Wrap Top, $68 | Women’s Pivot Barre Sock, $16 | Sport Tote BEIS, $58 | Lala 500ml Water Bottle, $38

Weekend Warrior

Prime Recommends: Athleisure Weekend Warrior Look

Hard Tail Bootleg Flare Pants, $78| Define Jacket Luon, $118 | Women’s Athleisure Eco-Knit Sneaker, $150 | Cashmere Headband Hat Attack, $58 | Virginia Recycled Nylon Belt Bag, $198

Power-Walking in the Park

Prime Recommends: Athleisure Power Walking Look

Sunrise V-Neck Sweatshirt, $69 | lululemon Align™ High-Rise Shorts, $64 | Women’s Daily Stride Comfort Ankle Sock, $34 | Cloudnova, $150

Yoga Class

Prime Recommends: Athleisure Yoga Class Look

Hold Tight Tank Top, $48 | Waffle Weekend Escape Mock Neck Shirt, $75 | Alo Warrior Mat, $128 | Alo Yoga Strap, $16 | High-Waist Airbrush Legging, $68

Workout clothing doesn’t mean you have to work out – isn’t life beautiful? If you’re interested in living a life of comfort and utility – all while having the option to hit the gym while you’re out and about – athleisure wear is perfect for you. Here’s to hoping our favorites are perfect for you!

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