16 of the Best Mother of the Bride Dresses

As spring fast approaches, so does wedding season. Typically, May through June are the busiest for spring weddings, with September and October being the busiest of the year. It is exciting to plan a wedding for your daughter, but a lot of the stress can be on what you are going to wear. When shopping for such a special dress, keep in mind the time of the year, time of the day and the climate. Here are some great tips and ideas for shopping for such a special day!

Is there a dress-buying protocol for moms?

Typically, the mother of the bride purchases her dress first. This is somewhat old school, and I think it depends on the family dynamics. My opinion is to be flexible and to make sure both mothers feel like they have a part in the decision making process.

Are there color restrictions?

Traditionally, most women avoid purchasing a dress in the white, ivory and champagne family (bridal colors), black (mourning) and red (flashy). I think in today’s world, this is up for discussion. This should be a conversation between the bride and mother, and if the bride is ok with it, then go for it. Nothing is more elegant and chic than black or ivory.

Should the mother of the bride’s dress match the bridesmaids?

That is a decision both women should discuss. There are a lot of alternatives. Stay within a color spectrum or even mix and match.

The Best Mother of the Bride Dresses

Morning Wedding

Midday or Afternoon Wedding

Evening Wedding

Formal/Black Tie



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