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Trendy Sunglasses For Every Budget

Trendy sunglasses for every budget

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and the same is true for sunglasses. This year we’re pleased to say goodbye to the tiny sunglasses that offer little to no coverage. What’s worse is they look pretty bad on most face shapes, so not only are you not looking your best, but you’re continually squinting throughout the day, creating new fine lines and wrinkles. Back in style are our beloved Jackie O-styled frames. A few of the trendy sunglasses this summer that are also appropriate for classy ladies of our ageless generation are:

Cat-Eye ­­­- Cat-eye sunglasses have been around since, well, forever, and they’re back and better than ever this year. Check them out in colorful frames, simple black, or a lovely tortoiseshell to match your outfit. 

Round Lenses – These allow for the oversized, Jackie O-style frames, which give a dash of nostalgia to an ever-increasing trend towards modernism and futurism.

Sunglasses with a Chain – once relegated to the “old cat lady,” this design has made a comeback. As our handbags continue to shrink and our hands become busier with smartphones, the chain has become the stylish way to manage your eyewear in situations where you’re continually taking your glasses on and off (think traveling for one). We’re listing a few of our favorite sunglass chains below.

Translucent Frames – why spend all that time and effort on glowy makeup and healthy skin just to cover it with a heavy, dark frame? This is a great way to brighten the eye area of the face because they refract light and go with the glow.

Colorful frames – many of these are a throwback to the 90s. They’re an excellent way to coordinate your swimwear or other accessories or add a dash of color to a swimsuit that’s a neutral color.

Our Top Picks

Sunglasses Under $50

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Under $50

  1. Ollie Square Sunglasses, $38
  2. Sugar Oversized Square Sunglasses, $25
  3. Classic Round Sunglasses, $15.98
  4. Monki rounded cat-eye sunglasses, $16.50
  5. AJ Morgan Carry On round sunglasses, $32
  6. Classic Square Sunglasses, $29
  7. Retro Thin-Rim Sunglasses, $38
  8. Fashion Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $29
  9. Geometric Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $38

Sunglasses $51-$100


  1. Krissy Square Sunglasses, $58
  2. Denise Aviator Sunglasses, $79.50
  3. Micheal Kors MK2024 Sunglasses, $51.66
  4. Dock sunglasses, $69.50
  5. Pacific cat-eye sunglasses, $46.99
  6. x Saweetie Almost Ready 56mm Polarized Square Sunglasses, $85
  7. Polarized High Key Aviator Sunglasses, $75
  8. High Key Aviator Sunglasses, $65
  9. Tory Burch Sunglasses, $99.50

Sunglasses $101-$200


  1. Anna Sui Butterfly Sunglasses, $178
  2. Lu Goldie Delphine Sunglasses, $160
  3. Oakley Women’s Oo4129 Split Time Pilot Sunglasses, $159
  4. Erika Classic 54mm Sunglasses, $155
  5. Tory Burch Square Sunglasses, $188
  6. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses, $163
  7. RB3025 58 Aviator Classic, $163
  8. Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses, $193.20
  9. Sunglasses, TF3066 62, $178.50

Sunglasses $201-$400


  1. Karen Walker Unified Sunglasses, $230
  2. Maui Jim Women’s Orchid Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $249.99
  3. Garret Leight® Calabar square sunglasses, $366
  4. 55MM Square Sunglasses, $265
  5. 59MM Oval Sunglasses, $390
  6. Round Sunglasses, $272
  7. Unisex St. Louis 24K Polarized Round Sunglasses, $375
  8. Acetate Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $298
  9. Anagram Round Acetate Sunglasses, $380

Sunglasses $400 and Over


  1. CELINE 55mm Polarized Square Sunglasses, $480
  2. 53mm Square Blue & Beyond Sunglasses, $450
  3. Fashion Inspired 60MM Oversized Square Sunglasses, $550
  4. Geometric Sunglasses, $405
  5. Oversized Round Sunglasses, $505
  6. Oversized Geometric Injected Plastic Sunglasses, $420
  7. Kate Two-Tone Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $420
  8. Cat Eye 56mm Sunglasses, $420
  9. Acetate Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $405

Stylish Sunglass Chains:

Sunglasses Chain

  1. Maddi Flower Seed Bead Sunglass Chain, $28
  2. Chums® slip-fit retainer, $9
  3. MACHETE chunky sunglasses chain, $100
  4. Ziba Eyewear Strap, $78
  5. Sunglass Chain, $34
  6. Metal Sunglasses Chain in Silver, $4.60
  7. Disc Chain, $8
  8. MACHETE chunky sunglasses chain, $100
  9. Tortoise Mask and Sunglass Chain, $68

As we’re coming into the summer, it’s essential to have a pair (or more!) of trendy sunglasses that can keep your eyes healthy when the sun is at its brightest. Find a pair that kicks up your fashion game, as well as a pair that offers day-to-day protection, helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. 

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