Sunglasses for every budget

Trendy Sunglasses For Every Budget

Fashion trends are always changing, and the same is true for sunglasses. This year we’re pleased to say goodbye to the tiny sunglasses that offer little to no coverage. What’s worse is they look pretty bad on most face shapes, so not only are you not looking your best, but your continually squinting throughout the day, creating new fine lines and wrinkles. Back in style are our beloved Jackie O-styled frames. A few of the trendy sunglasses this summer that are also appropriate for classy ladies of our ageless generation are:

Hexagon Lenses ­­­- basically every unorthodox lens shape works this summer, but hexagon is likely going to flatter most faces and add a futuristic accessory to play off in other wardrobe pieces. They’re the perfect blend between round and square.

Round Lenses – These allow for the big, Jackie O-style frames, which give a dash of nostalgia to an ever-increasing trend towards modernism and futurism.

Sunglasses with a Chain – once relegated to the “old cat lady,” this design has made a comeback. As our handbags continue to shrink and our hands become busier with smartphones, the chain has become the stylish way to manage your eyewear in situations where you’re continually taking your glasses on and off (think traveling for one). We’re listing a few of our favorite sunglass chains below.

Translucent Frames – why spend all that time and effort on glowy makeup and healthy skin just to cover it with a heavy, dark frame? This is a great way to brighten the eye area of the face because they refract light and go with the glow.

Tinted Lenses – many of these are a throwback to the disco glamour of the 70s or the current ‘festival’ trends we see coming out of the fashion petri dish that is Coachella, Burning Man, and the like. They’re a wonderful way to coordinate your swimwear or other accessories while wearing the subdued neutral palette that is so big right now.

And if you think that you’ve missed all the good sales with Memorial Day behind us, we have a surprise for you! Check out our picks from the various trendy sunglasses, at every price point, some with discounts of 50% or more:

Sunglasses Under $50

Sunglasses Under $50

  1. Classic Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $38
  2. Black Gradient Sunglasses, $9.99
  3. Vogue Eyewear, $44.50
  4. Ralph Sunglasses, $47.00
  5. Sundown Oversized Aviator Sunglasses, $20
  6. Polarized WeeFarers Children’s Sunglasses, $34.99
  7. Hipster Polarized Sunglasses, $14.90
  8. SOJOS Retro Round Sunglasses, $14.99

Sunglasses $51-$100

Sunglasses $51-$100

  1. Ashcroft Sunglasses, $58
  2. Coach Women’s L139 Sunglasses, $87.28
  3. Lily Sunglasses, $79.50
  4. Belgrave Sunglasses, $65
  5. Modern cat-eye sunglasses, $69.50
  6. Raie Ivy Sunglasses, $95
  7. Dock sunglasses, $69.50
  8. Oversized square sunglasses, $62.99

Sunglasses $101-$200

Sunglasses $101-$200

  1. Women’s SUPER by RetroSuperFuture® flat-top sunglasses, $170
  2. Pared Eyewear Wide Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $150
  3. COACH Sunglasses, $148
  4. Lele Sadoughi Brooklyn Sunglasses, $168
  5. Pared Eyewear Wide Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $150
  6. Oakley Women’s Oo9301 Cohort Rectangular Sunglasses, $106.40
  7. Versace Women’s VE2198, $153.64
  8. Prada PR01OS Sunglasses, $129.50

Sunglasses $201-$400

Sunglasses $201-$400

  1. Ray-ban octagon sunglasses ORB1972, $222
  2. BALENCIAGA Sunglasses, $280
  3. Soelae Round Sunglasses, $270
  4. Ray-Ban 0RB1973 oversized square sunglasses, $215
  5. DOLCE & GABBANA Sunglasses, $236
  6. Myriah Round Sunglasses, $290
  7. Piper Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $250
  8. BALENCIAGA Sunglasses, $360

Sunglasses $400 and Over

Sunglasses Over $400

  1. BVLGARI Sunglasses, $754.40
  2. Anna Sui Handmade Recycled Acetate Round Sunglasses, $400
  3. BVLGARI Sunglasses, $412
  4. Gia 63MM Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses, $495
  5. EverDior 60mm Polarized Square Sunglasses, $530
  6. Circle Masterpiece Gold-Plated Round Sunglasses, $400
  7. Lara Square Sunglasses, $460
  8. Women’s Kate Cat Eye Sunglasses, $420

Stylish Sunglass Chains:

Sunglass Chain

  1. Pearl sunglasses and mask chain, $24.50
  2. Pearl Sunglasses Chain, $260.00
  3. Round Beaded Convertible Face Mask Lanyard, $11.99
  4. Sunglasses & Face Mask Glass Seed Bag, $34.50
  5. It’s A Wrap Beaded Sunglasses Chain, $195
  6. Sunglasses Bead Chain, $34.50

As we’re coming into the summer, it’s important to have a pair (or more!) of trendy sunglasses that can keep your eyes healthy when the sun is at its brightest. Find a pair that kicks up your fashion game, as well as a pair that offers day-to-day protection, helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. 

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