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Our 5 Favorite Tanning Options for Women Over 50

Most of us women over 50 have learned our lesson about sunbathing from seeing the ravages the sun takes on our skin, not to mention the concerns about skin cancer. (Yes, I know you Brits are still big sun worshipers but that’s because your skin sees so little of the sun otherwise. Give it time.) And though we may not be able to sunbathe any longer, we do like a little color in the summer. Nothing worse than a pair of pasty white legs sticking out from under a pair of white shorts. Fortunately, tanning options have improved dramatically over the years and your fake tan can actually look very close to a real tan without the orange tint.

You also don’t have to buy the expensive brands to get the best fake tan. In fact, many of the self-tanning options that are best suited for older skin are readily available at your local drugstore or on Amazon. Four of our picks are lotion based and help with dryness. The bronzer is a gel but goes on smooth to give you a nice glow. Most are available in a couple of shades so you can select the one that best matches your natural coloring. Do avoid buying a deep tan shade if you are on the fair side. The results aren’t likely to look natural.

So get some color this summer and save your skin while you’re at it. Here are our 5 favorite self-tanners.

Self-Tanning Options to Help Older Women Achieve a Fake Tan

Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish 

The Vita Liberata Body Blur works for both your face and body. It minimizes blemishes and has a natural tint to give you a healthy glow.

  • Easily washes off
  • Can use alone or under makeup
  • Contains aloe vera and shea butter

Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Oil

The Argan Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Oil is hydrating while providing a natural bronzed look. It contains argan oil, coconut water and aloe to nourish your skin and comes with an application mitt.

  • Vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and GMO-free
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Natural scent

Coola Organic Sunless Tan 

Coola’s line of organic sunless tanners helps protect and improve the appearance of your skin.

  • Streak-free and transfer-resistant
  • Vegan
  • Good for building a tan

Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel 

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel is streak-free and dries quickly. You can easily build up a tan or apply for just a subtle glow.

  • Soothing and moisturizing
  • Good for both face and body
  • Non-oily finish

Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid 

Fake Bake’s self-tanning option comes with a professional mitt for an even, effortless glow. It also works for all skin tones and types.

  • Provides an instant tan
  • Can be worn all day
  • Long-lasting formula


Using a mitt or an applicator are helpful for applying sunless tanner evenly without bronzing your hands. Here are our favorite options.

Try these self-tanning options to give yourself a golden glow without putting your skin at risk. Enjoy a beautiful summer! Now, Elizabeth Rist has some tips for keeping your face in tip-top shape.

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