The Best Haircuts for Fine Thin and Thick Coarse Hair

Haircuts that work best on thin and thick hair is certainly an article that will help guide you. It is not always a particular cut that will suit all hair textures. Most hairdressers, if they are good ones, should in fact advise you. If not, you may end up with a look or shape that is not at all what you imagined it to be. Opt for high-performance haircare that will nurture your cut and have it looking not stiff and lifeless but fresh nurtured and free.

Fine Thin Hair

haircut for thin hair

If you are looking for a good haircut for thin hair, what is needed is to give the illusion of thicker, stronger hair. There is one way
to do this and that is to opt for a one length classic bob, carré (as the French call it), or a lob as the Californians call it. Either way, the one length will do the trick. The finer the hair and the shorter you go, the thicker your hair will appear. Think Louis Brookes, Joan of Arc type bobs often worn with a short fringe. After a certain age I’d say opt for either a softer fringe or no fringe, but if you have the confidence, go for the short fringe. It’s very stylish and certainly will make your hairline appear thicker. Only you are the judge if you are ready for that.

haircut for thin hair

There is something very classic and chic about a mid-length bob that is just long enough to tie back in a low pony tail. The mid-length bob is a wonderful haircut for thin hair and offers the perfect variation for office, sport or home. In fact, it’s perfect for every occasion as
it is so versatile and always looks chic. The classic bob haircut is seen everywhere on the streets in France. The good thing about this haircut for thin hair – it’s always coming back in fashion. It takes one celebrity to chop off her locks into the bob and it is a hit again… This time it’s Kim Kardashian who recently made the chop!

Thin hair with curls? Keep it one length to maintain weight in the ends which will deliver a thicker overall appearance to the hair.

haircut for thin hair

If you want long hair, it is preferable to keep it one length with no layering except for some  slight graduation around the face line which will add the illusion of volume. haircut for thin hair

Thick Coarse Hair

The one-length classic bob is also wonderful on thick hair, but I advise adding some layering within the cut to avoid a hard, too thick graphic line. These soft layers will add fresh air and movement within the shape that overall spells lightness.

This type of hair usually comes with a wave or curl of some kind, unless you are Asian or Indian.

The idea here is to diminish the thickness, but someone talented needs to do this because if too much layering is done, the result will be a curly round ball. If the hair is quite curly, the more weight that is removed the curlier the hair will become.

In this case it’s not layering you need but strong graduation, which is layering around the edges without removing the weight from the top sections.

Above is a good example of graduation around the edges still leaving weight on top layers to stop hair looking too thick and round.

This graduation technique can be used on all hair lengths, short to long.

If your hair is normal thickness then you have access to any style you wish.

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