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How To Wear A Bob 5 Ways

A bob or carré as the French call it, is a haircut that has been around since 1910 when women decided to liberate themselves from their long locks and turn-of-the-century updos. And every few years like clockwork, this haircut becomes trendy again. All it takes is a celebrity that makes the chop and then everyone else follows suit! Curious to try this style for yourself? Here’s how to wear a bob, styled five ways.

1. The Bob Blow-Out

Regardless of your hair color, this Vogue-inspired look will definitely stand out.

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2. The Slicked-Back Bob

Bobs may be short, but they’re still incredibly versatile. Simply sweep it away from your face for an effortlessly chic look.

3. The “Lob” or Long Bob

The “Lob” is a longer version of the bob that is even more versatile than the shorter counterpart. Just tie back in a low classic ponytail or even place it up in a French roll of soft chignon. This length is best with some graduation around the sides, so when the hair is tied back there is softness around the face line to play with. It’s also still long enough to brush back for a sleek look.

How To Wear A Bob 5 Ways | PRIMEWomen.com

4. The Dreadlocked Bob

Such a chic way to wear dreads, don’t you think? The most essential here is to keep the dreadlocks nourished to keep them looking healthy and fresh.

5.Red Carpet Ready Beach Waves

If you’re going for a softer look, use a straightening iron or oversized curling wand to achieve soft waves. Instead of using hairspray to seal, simply apply the Iles Formula Finishing Serum. Light enough for all lengths, it also offers protection against hot tools, UV color fade and humidity.

>>>> We know you’re applying sunscreen, but are you also protecting your hair?

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5 Ways to Wear a Bob Haircut



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