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Protecting Your Hair From Heat

Have you ever wondered what it means to protect your hair from heat? Heat damage can lead to permanent damage. High or excessive heat can permanently break the disulfide bonds and protein cross-links within hair strands. These links and bonds are what gives hair its strength.

Many heat sources are damaging to hair. They include UV / sunlight, heated tools like blow dryers, heated rollers, hot curling tongs, and straightening irons. Even radiator heat and central heating in winter can lead to hair damage. All these heat sources cause vital moisture to be stripped from hair.

How Do You Know?

The most severe signs can be a singing smell of burnt hair.  Other symptoms are dullness, rough, stringy hair texture, white nodules at the ends of your hair shaft, that eventually become split ends, overly dry hair. Burnt hair can become so severe that when you try styling your hair, it no longer holds its shape, and breakage occurs.

Home care is essential, especially when harsh heat conditions abuse the hair.
Burnt hair is very hard and rough to the touch. This is because it is so dry and dehydrated. By losing the natural protein found in hair, the cuticle is broken, and therefore it is brittle and weak.  Blondes or white hair may even see signs if singing in burnt colored hues in their hair.

Always use a high-performance shampoo and conditioner to ensure hair stays hydrated. It is also essential to use a daily protection serum if you have regular blowouts, or play sports like golf where the hair is visible to UV  and wind assault for hours at a time.

To ensure your hair is hydrated, use a shampoo and conditioner set that contains oils. If  your  hair is  experiencing  damage,  use an instant hair repair.

protecting your hair conditioner


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Best Hair Protection

Styling products, in general, contain alcohol and synthetic ingredients that, if overheated, are lethal for hair health. There are a few hair serums on the market today that claim they protect hair from heat damage, but the problem is, most weigh the hair down and, in some cases, make hair greasy, especially when UV protection is added.

The Iles Formula Finishing Serum is an excellent protector against UV, color fade, and heated tools without ever weighing hair down. For this reason, its perfect on thin, delicate, and fragile hair. Iles Formula has a second serum Curl Revive that is a little weightier with the same heat protection factors ideal for thick, coarse hair and all kinds of textured hair with curls and waves. Apply both serums to wet or dry hair, and both can be used daily. You won’t find better serums for protecting the hair without it becoming heavy or greasy. If your hair is already damaged, you will need to do much more. Start with a trim to removed fried ends and repair treatment.

Protecting your hair from heat is a full-time job.  Don’t take it lightly and consider daily use of a high- quality serum to ensure your locks stay luscious year-round.

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For fair hair, use a thinner flat iron and put the heat on a low setting.

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For thicker hair, use a larger flat iron and put the heat on a higher setting.
protecting your hair iron

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For thicker hair, use a larger flat iron and put the heat on a higher setting.

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