The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Ever wondered what is the best haircut for your face shape?

Or have you had a haircut and not felt comfortable in your skin afterward?

If so, then today’s post should help you determine the best haircut for you, so read on.

A good hairdresser will analyze almost immediately your face shape, what length works best and what style flatters your beauty most. Most people, however, probably don’t even know what face shape they have.

To get started, pull all your hair off your face so you see the hairline. Take a lipstick and stand in front of a mirror, then draw a line around your face outline in the mirror. Step away and there you see the shape. Perhaps square, diamond, heart, triangle, round or oval.


It is known as the perfect face shape and accommodates almost every style. With an oval face shape, you can part in the middle or on the side or switch between the two depending on your mood. Your hair can be worn smooth or straight, textured or curled. You can cut the length short or long so the options are endless.

Cristine Baranski

Cristine Baranski
Photo Credit: Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock


Avoid haircuts that are too long or too short. This will only accentuate the length of the face. Bangs are a great way to cut down the length of the face, especially if you just love long hair.

Linda Gray

Linda Gray


A long bob and center part always works well. If you prefer shorter haircuts, an asymmetric style will offset the roundness perfectly.

Katie Couric

Katie Couric
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Avoid haircuts that expose the forehead. If you’re going for a shorter cut, keep the fringe wispy  for a textured look; nothing sharp that spells square.

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton


Here, the rule is to draw attention to your eyes and cheek bones, not the narrow chin area. Bangs are a great way to camouflage the width of the forehead and also the low hairline that often comes with a heart shape faced. Bobs should remain cheek or chin length to broaden out this area of the face or just below.

Kate Capshaw

Kate Capshaw


Aim for deep side parts and lots of layers. Avoid straight bangs and flatter styles – better to feather or layer into the bangs. Some length gives width to the chin.

The best haircut these days in a master salon is quite an expense, so one wants it right from the word go! Regular trims should be around every 6 weeks, so it’s a good idea to always book your appointment in advance, especially if you are wearing bangs, as by week seven they will be unbearable!

Faith Hill

Faith Hill
Photo Credit: Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock


There is a new trend for Indie family owned smaller hair care brands that are now making fast traction in the retail world. Raw ingredients, high technology formulations with simplicity in choice are the trend. For example, one benchmark conditioner for ALL hair types. Don’t become a product junkie, simplify and edit. Use just the very best to maintain your new look.

Next month we will speak about the importance of using sulfate free shampoos and all the reasons why you should be using a conditioner.

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