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The Best Haircuts for Thin Fine Hair

My daughter recently asked me how she could get thicker, fuller hair. I had to break it to her that I’d passed down my thin, fine hair, and she’d just have to live with it. I was being a bit dramatic because there are many things you can do with thin hair to make it look more robust, including products and style choices.  

I’ve personally tried many products over the years to add some fullness to my style, and while those are helpful, it truly is the cut that makes the biggest difference. The key to choosing the right hairstyle for you is to consider the true texture of your hair, your style, and the shape of your face.

Here are some hairstyles that are trending for thin, fine hair and what makes them a possible option for a fun and fashionable look.  

Short and Sweet

When thin, fine hair is cut short, it can actually offer many style options. When ‘stacked’ with layers and a bit of volumizing spray, it looks full and thick. Adding some highlights or a balayage can make your hair multi-dimensional and even reduce the number of trips you take to the salon for root touchups. If you like your locks shorter but still want some flair in the front, you can consider graduated, face-framing bangs. Short hair can be worn straight, layered, pixie-style, with or without bangs, or even with a touch of waves or curls (if you have enough length).

Jane Fonda Short Hairstyle

The Bob

The bob is a great hairstyle for all hair types, and fine, thin hair is no exception. The best thing about a bob cut is that it’s versatile and can be enhanced in a number of ways. When pairing it with thin hair, it’s best to go in with some layering to add some depth and fullness. Sideswept bangs are always a nice touch, especially if you have a rounder face. Tapering them off to layer into the overall haircut makes for a seamless look that flatters your face shape.

Cameron Diaz bob cut

The rounded bob with bangs is a hairstyle that’s both easy to work with and face-flattering. Usually cut around chin-length, it’s classic and chic and doesn’t take a lot of time each morning to get looking just right.

The Lob

I personally could never quite pull the trigger on the full bob cut; instead, I opted for a lob. I’ve always struggled to grow my hair out, so the thought of cutting it too short was very daunting. The lob was a great compromise for me; I was able to completely change my look without losing all of the length I’d worked so hard for over the years. I received many compliments on the cut, it was sleek and clean, and my mother-in-law even suggested it gave me an air of sophistication. Not bad for a haircut.

Lob haircut for thin hair

Picture courtesy of Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun

The Pixie (with a twist!)

The pixie cut has long been a staple hairstyle for women with thin hair. It allows our fine locks to add a touch of whimsy and is an easy cut that won’t take too much time to style each morning. The ‘twist’ is adding longer face-framing layers in front. It’s not necessarily the traditional pixie cut you might envision in your head, but a bit longer and shapelier. Adding layering will prevent the cut from falling flat, as well as add some texture and volume.

Halle Berry Pixie Haircut


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If you don’t want to go too short, but your hair tends to look extra thin when you grow it out, you should consider a mid-length option that flatters your look and works with your lifestyle. When going mid-length, you have a lot of options. You can elect for straight and blunt, wavy and messy, single- or multi-layered, and with or without bangs. When it comes to bangs, do you want graduated bangs that blend into your hairstyle or with a blunt cut that juxtaposes with your hair length? And these days, there’s the great debate: center part or to the side? Well, that’s up to you and what works with your hair and your style!

Woman with wavy mid-length hair


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The Ponytail

One go-to hairstyle for any hair type is the ponytail. It’s simple, understated, and allows you a variety of options on how to wear it. I’ve seen many a model with the slicked-back ponytail able to elevate even the chicest outfit (especially when secured with a beautiful hairpin). A messy pony makes for a quick morning routine, and you can add face-framing wisps of hair in the front to add a little style. 

Long and Luxurious

I’m a fan of long hair but can never quite attain the length I want. My hair seems to come to a screeching halt once it hits right around my bra-line, and that’s just where it ends. Long hair can work well with thin hair and offers many styling options. Layering in the front can add some dimension to your long locks and prevent your ‘do from falling flat. Layering all the way around, when done correctly, can add some depth as well (and lends itself to a fun messy look, if that’s what you’re hoping to achieve).

Adding bangs can elevate your look, from face-framing curtain bangs to a choppier style; they can completely upgrade a long straight hairstyle. Long locks are also great for various updos, from sassy ponytails and messy buns to sophisticated styles for more formal events. Don’t hesitate to add products to increase your hair’s thickness. You can even consider extensions to add a little fullness (or length) to your long hair.

Jennifer Lopez Long Hair

Final Thoughts

Genetics is a key factor when it comes to the type of hair that you have. While some days I wish I had thick, coarse hair that looks full and layers well with many hairstyles, for the most part, I appreciate my thin, fine hair. Why? Because most of the hairstyles that I’ve worn still look great, and more importantly because when it comes to getting ready in a pinch, I can have my hair done in half the time of my thick-haired counterparts. And let’s face it – time is precious.

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