Getting to the Root of the Problem – Highlights or Balayage?

Dear Paul,

For years, I have been getting highlights and, with time, I have become increasingly more blonde. I have to do my roots more and more frequently because they just look so dark!

One of my girlfriends said that I should Balayage my hair. I had no idea what she was talking about. Do you think this will help me go back to doing my highlights every 3 months?

– Frustrated and Rooty

Hands coloring hair

Dear Frustrated and Rooty,

Balayage is another method of highlighting hair.

With traditional highlights, we use foil or paper to divide our sections, giving a very uniform approach, while allowing us to use as many different colors as possible.

Balayage is also known as “hair painting,” a free hand approach to highlighting that allows a more abstract definition of light, creating a beach like look to the hair.

Your problem has become an over-saturation of blond.

With traditional highlights, this can be controlled by adding lo-lights or darker pieces in addition to the blonde.


Even with Balayage, you would need to introduce some dark as a way to lessen your blond saturation.

It’s always nice to approach your color with a fresh look and, by experimenting with technique, you can do just that.

I can only say this, pick an experienced Balayage Colorist. Trying it for the first time with an ill experienced colorist can result in bleeds and spots in your root area. That could lead you to a color catastrophe very difficult to fix.

Balayage uses cotton and plastic wrap to divide sections. Proceed with caution and interview your future colorist carefully asking to see work that he or she has done.

If all goes well you won’t be Rooty for long.


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