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Taming Hair Frizz After Menopause

Are you one of those women that suffered drastic hair changes after menopause? Those that once had silky lustrous hair now have fine fluff that frizzes? This is because menopause causes your estrogen levels to decrease, and estrogen is a hair-friendly hormone, helping to keep your hair sumptuous and fabulous. With less estrogen, the hair thins out and each strand can eventually become more fragile, drying out delivering fluffy frizz.

Remember when you were an adolescent? You probably noticed the opposite in hair changes,  thicker, coarse, fuller hair.  Yes … it’s those hormones that play havoc with our serenity.

Not only do you experience more frizz but you may find that your hair breaks more easily after menopause because each strand has fined down and is more fragile.

Fifty is the average age for menopause, but changes to your hair can begin before, and sometimes after 50, there is no rule but your Mother’s pattern is a good guide of when and what to expect.

How to Tame Hair Frizz After MenopauseHow to Tame Hair Frizz After Menopause

The best way to prevent frizz is to seal the cuticle layer against the penetration of moisture. Increased perspiration caused by hot flashes can be a problem but it is not an insurmountable one.

Use Quality Shampoo & Conditioner

Using a high-performance shampoo and conditioner is key. Products that nurture but at the same time shut down tight the hair shaft to prevent moisture from entering and playing havoc with your hair texture.

There are a few products you should consider. If you like a  blow-dry brushing effect wearing your hair smooth and frizz-free then I’d suggest the Iles Finishing serum, available in the Signature Collection Set, with the equally award-winning shampoo and conditioner. The Iles Finishing Serum if heat-activated will make thin hair feel thicker and thick coarse hair calms down. It can be applied to both wet hair before drying and dry hair daily. It’s a lighter serum delivering a spun silk texture. It has protection against heated tools, UV color fade, and humidity!embracing-waves-and-curls

If you have a natural wave or curl then it is the Iles Curl Pack. The Iles Formula Curl Revive is the hero item in the Iles Curl Pack. Everything inside this pack is to deliver well behaved naturally dried curls and waves. I really want to put this product forward because I’m speaking from experience. This pack saved me and reminded me just how luscious my natural curl can be.
This curl serum will protect hair against humidity by blocking excess moisture from penetrating the hair shaft causing more frizz.

During the Covid-19 home stay confinement, I made a How-To video  Iles Curl Pack “how to use”. on how to create gorgeous curls. I’m sharing this with you today. I hope it helps you discover your no frizz curls again. Iles Curl Revive is a weightier serum delivering a cashmere texture. It is an excellent weight for curly, wavy, and textured hair. Again its heat protection UV and humidity protection, best allowed to dry naturally or diffuse dry.

One thing is certain, frizz has a mind of its own so it takes discipline and excellent curated products that are known to work. I know I have provided you with that, so enjoy the results, ladies.

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