8 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Aging Eye Area

Wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes can make you look tired, but these techniques will ensure a more youthful appearance.
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They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but saggy eyelids, crinkly corners, and bags large enough to pack may obstruct the view. Time marches on, and, in the words of Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias, “Pretty soon you realize it’s marching right across your face.” Specifically, the delicate skin around the eyes. Ironically, many lines and creases that make us frown result from years of laughing and smiling. The price of happiness, so to speak. Even so, many of us have a love/hate relationship with our aging eye area, torn between not wanting to appear expressionless and the desire to look less tired and more youthful.

The struggle is real, and the beauty industry has made a fortune on products and procedures designed to tighten and tone, smooth and soften, and lift and lighten. But, with so many options, how do you know which ones are right for you? We’ve taken the guesswork out and identified eight ways to improve the look of aging eyes. From quick fixes to long-term solutions, you won’t believe your eyes!

Quick Fixes

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Blame it on late nights, blue screens, or overindulging in food or alcohol, but sometimes a girl needs a quick pick-me-up to look her best. Adding these four products to your arsenal can take you from bleary to bright-eyed.

1. Brighten Your Whites

Lack of sleep, too much alcohol, and Mother Nature can make the eyes appear lackluster. And, just as dingy, yellow teeth can detract from a beautiful smile, dull whites or redness can detract from beautiful eyes. To put a little sparkle back, try Lumify eye drops. This over-the-counter solution has everyone from celebrities to soccer moms losing their minds over what influencers deem the “Disney princess eyes” effect it delivers.

2. Lengthen Your Lashes

Thinning lashes are part of the aging process. You can fake it ’til you make it with lash extensions, but keep in mind they are costly and require refills approximately every two weeks. For a more affordable and longer-lasting result, try a lash serum. GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum is a favorite among those in the know for improving the look of lashes, making them longer and thicker in just four weeks.

3. Chill Out

If you’re carrying extra baggage around your eyes, chill out with BeautySkin Cryo Skin Icing Roller. Made from professional-grade stainless steel, it cools the skin to 45 degrees and instantly depuffs, firms, and tightens underneath the eye area. You can flip it over and use the wide end all over the face, so it’s really two products in one.

4. Tend to Your Skin

If you are not using an eye cream, now is the time to start (actually, it was probably about 20 years ago, but who’s counting?). Look for one that you can apply to the entire eye area, lids included. Clarins Total Eye Lift gets the job done effectively and efficiently, tightening, lifting, smoothing, and depuffing in a mere 60 seconds. Apply morning and night for best results.

Long Term Solutions

Young Beautiful Woman Having Various Facial Treatment

Creams, serums, and over-the-counter devices are great options, but they can only do so much. If you want long-term results, it’s time to call in the big guns. Injectables and lasers can restore volume, erase lines, and tighten skin, usually without much downtime or discomfort. Surgical procedures offer more dramatic results but take more time to heal.

1. Lift Your Lids

While several eye creams claim to “lift” hooded eyes by moisturizing and smoothing the skin, try blepharoplasty for an eye-opening effect that lasts. This procedure is typically performed in the office under local anesthesia. It involves removing skin from the upper eyelid, which has the desired effect of opening up the eyes and making them appear larger. The procedure will set you back approximately $4000, but the good news is that if your saggy lids interfere with your vision, your insurance may cover some or all of the cost.

2. Send Your Bags Packing

Unpack those bags once and for all with filler. When strategically placed underneath and adjacent to the saggy eye area, the appropriate filler can temporarily minimize the appearance of bags for a more refreshed look. If sunken eyes are the issue, you can inject filler sparingly into the hollows for a well-rested and plumper appearance. However, remember that filler is not a permanent solution. You must refresh it approximately every 6-12 months to maintain results. Also, remember that filler can backfire in the wrong hands, leaving you puffier than before, so make sure you use a well-trained technician.

3. Kiss Crow’s Feet Goodbye

Woman face, eye wrinkles before and after treatment - the result of rejuvenating cosmetological procedures of biorevitalization, botox and pigment spots removal.

Although many women refer to them as “smile lines,” they still aren’t happy about crinkles at the corners of their eyes. Neuromodulators like Botox® and Dysport® can temporarily help. These neurotoxins restrict the movement of the muscle, which not only reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles but may also prevent new wrinkles from forming. As with any injectable used around the eyes, an experienced professional should perform the procedure to reduce the risk of side effects. When done correctly, you will still be able to smile and have more to smile about.

4. The Full Monty

An upper facelift is the costliest of the procedures but also the most permanent. Sometimes referred to as a “brow lift,” it addresses the upper third of the face, eliminating forehead wrinkles, lifting a heavy brow, opening up the eye area, and creating a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

Whether you DIY it with over-the-counter products or go for a more aggressive procedure, remember to take daily precautions to protect your results and prevent future damage. Sunscreen should always be the final step in your morning skincare routine. Yes, even in winter, and yes, even if it’s cloudy. Additionally, when you are outside, channel your inner celebrity by wearing a pair of oversized sunnies to cover the skin around the eyes or opt for a large-brimmed hat. Keep the eye area moisturized day and night, drink plenty of water, and if you smoke, stop! Dehydrated skin is wrinkled skin. With the right products, treatments, and daily care, you can put a youthful sparkle back in your eyes at any age.

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