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Editor’s Note: September Posts and October Plans

Hello, friends!

It’s hard to believe September is already over, isn’t it? What a month! Of course, what dominates my memory is the wonderful time we had in London at Fashion Week and getting together with our supporters to officially “launch” in the U.K.

We had some wonderful articles from our contributors this past month. You can catch up on the most popular posts by starting here:

Obviously, everyone wants to look their best in photos, and Elizabeth Rist shares her expert tips from her background as a professional makeup artist in her post How to be Photogenic.

We were also prepping for fall with tips on Cleaning out Your Closet, from professional style advisor and closet guru Becca Bowen.

Prime Women are always interested in ways to stay fit without causing damage to our joints – and fitness expert Debra Atkinson of @Flipping50TV came to the rescue with a video showing us How to do Squats without hurting our knees. Hint: if you can’t wiggle your toes, you’re not doing it right!

If you enjoy getting out in nature to exercise, try Yoga Walking, with tips from registered yoga alliance teacher Valerie Rogers.

For those interested in new professional opportunities, we spoke with Working Solutions, a 20-year-old company that offers Real Work from Home options.

We also learned about Digital Currency from Roslyn Kunin – and what the future of financial transactions looks like.

Our travel writers, Debbie Franks and Kim Mills took us to beautiful destinations where we can escape, dine, shop and soak up the scenery. Sedona, Arizona and Spain are calling!

Cynthia Young shared her personal experience and resources available for those who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

For those in the dating world, Lore Powell has a must-read article about Online Dating, and dating expert Nicole DiRocco of Dating with Grace has an informative article on Long Distance Relationships.

Each month as we create our editorial calendar, we hope to have something for everyone that is helpful, educational, humorous, or instructive.

Look for articles in October on Money Matters – tips for women who find themselves suddenly struggling with finances and learning to deal with it on their own. We will have posts on preparing your skin for winter, the secret to wearing red, closing the confidence gap, and how to rest, restore and reinvent yourself – amongst others. Health, career, travel, second acts, fashion and entertainment stories lie ahead! We hope you return often – or subscribe and receive our email once a week with the latest posts.

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