Is Your White Hair Color Washing You Out? Here’s What To Do!

white hair washing you out

Is your white hair washing you out? You’re not alone! Thankfully there are many ways to prevent this. Read on for some makeup and skincare tips to help your features stand out, along with some advice from a hair expert! 

How To Prevent Your Hair Washing You Out

Gray hair requires more color than other hair hues. Here are a few easy ways you can prevent gray hair from making you look ghostly. 

Skip The Powder When You Can

When your hair is turning gray or white, you need to look for a luminizing, moisturizing foundation. Only use powder when absolutely necessary, like to combat shine.

Wear Cream Blush

Blush will make your complexion more vibrant. And with older skin, it’s important to reach for something that isn’t too heavy or powdery. Enter cream blushes

Line Your Lips

Be sure that your lips aren’t getting lost in your face! You may notice that as we get older, our lips look less full. Use a good nude lip liner and trace your lips before applying lipstick. 

Find Your Perfect Lipstick

Bright pink, berry, peach, or apricot tones will definitely help your lips stand out! Steer clear of boring nudes and browns — this won’t do you any favors. 

Brighten up your eyes

If you’re concerned about white hair washing you out, you cannot neglect your eye makeup! Try a bit of linen-colored shadow on your lids to brighten things up. Then, add eyeliner, curl your eyelashes, and apply a bit of mascara

Forget basic black

Don’t rely on classic black eyeliner. This gives a stark contrast that’s more jarring than dramatic. Instead, reach for softer, lava-like shades like plum, bronze, and brown. 

Pay attention to your brows

Dealing with sparse brows? Pencil them in naturally! And if you’re looking to make a more permanent statement, there’s always microblading

When Your Hair Washes You Out: A Hair Expert’s Advice

If you’ve attempted the tips above and you’re still feeling like your white or gray hair is washing you out, follow this hair expert’s advice to a Prime Women reader. 

Dear Paul,

I’m still coloring my hair which is now almost all white. I’m 69 and I started getting white in my 20’s. I’ve gone to low lights, a semi-glaze, around my face as the white hair color drowns me out. I do not like the “skunk line” with permanent color. Advice?

-Mary Claire Clarkson


Dear Mary Claire,

There is no easy answer to your dilemma. A single process will leave the harshest line.

So white washes you out…  A blend of low lights in golds and dark blonds will do the trick but to me that looks like what is growing out now and you’re not happy.

My advice is to try a Fanci-ful Rinse. This is a temporary color used every few shampoos that change the hue of your gray to perhaps a more buttery blond. Because they are temporary you can try different shades until one makes you happy.

Everything else more permanent in nature will leave you with a demarcation line, this can not be avoided I’m afraid. Color is an “every five week” ordeal. When we go gray, lighter colors show less of a root and darker is more extreme.

I’ve learned this one thing about aging, it takes a lot more effort and a lot more procedures to give us the look we want. Short of acceptance we are in a club that is growing so my advice is to try it all and you may hit upon the you of today.

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