Are You Making These Common Hair Washing Mistakes?

hair washing mistakes

 It can be so frustrating to get that perfect hair cut, purchase products, and invest time in hair maintenance to only be left with dry, frizzy, or unmanageable hair. Did you know the solution could be as simple as how you wash and condition your hair? Have you been making these common hair washing mistakes? Let’s learn these hair salon secrets that can help you avoid unhealthy and unattractive hair.

Hair Washing Mistake #1: Washing With Hot Water

It’s common to wash our hair in the shower. We all do it. The problem is most people enjoy hot showers. Our hair unfortunately does not benefit when the water is too hot. This heat causes our hair to lose the natural oils that our scalp produces and leaves us with dry, frizzy hair. However, washing with warm water allows the shaft and cuticle to open. This helps thoroughly clean the hair without the drying effect.

Mistake #2: Putting Conditioner On Your Scalp

Putting conditioner on the scalp is generally not a good habit to start. Natural oils from our scalp are obviously much more concentrated there and adding conditioner directly to our head can make our hair look oily much more quickly. This excess oil can also cause our hair to be flat and heavy.

After thoroughly washing hair in warm water, apply conditioner from mid-length through the tips. Leaving on for a few minutes will help nourish the more damaged parts of the hair. 

hair washing mistakes

Mistake #3: Using Products with Nasty Chemicals

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are found in many shampoo brands. This is responsible for creating the lathering foam and also works to prevent product separation. Over time, this chemical may cause respiratory issues, cataracts, and can mimic estrogen.

Registered as a pesticide by The Environmental Protection Agency, Triclosan, a preservative in many products, may cause harm to reproductive organs and can cause increased sensitivity to allergens. 

Parabens are found in many hair and skincare products. They are responsible for achieving a long shelf life. Parabens can mimic estrogen inside our body  which may lead to an increased risk of cancer.

If you aren’t certain if an ingredient is safe, the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is a fantastic source for researching product brands and ingredients.

Hair Washing Mistake #4: Using the Same Brand Forever

We all know what it’s like to find a shampoo and conditioner that we love. Once we find it, we never want to let go. Using the same brand for long periods of time can eventually cause product build-up, making our hair feel dirty, especially at the scalp. Now, you don’t have to change products constantly, nor do you have to say a permanent goodbye to your favorite product. Having several brands that are in the rotation will help keep your hair looking clean and fresh.

Hair Washing Mistake #5: Skipping a Cold Rinse

As we mentioned previously, most people wash their hair in a hot shower. This often means that the final rinse is done under hot water as well. After hair has been washed in warm water, and then conditioner has been applied, hair should be given a final rinse in cold water. This helps to close the shaft and seal in the moisture from the conditioner. A cool rinse will leave your hair feeling clean and moisturized, which in the long run will cause your hair to become more shiny and manageable.

Avoiding these hair washing mistakes and making simple, yet effective changes can lead to much healthier hair.

Now that we have looked at common hair washing mistakes, let’s dive into how we can achieve younger-looking hair.


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