As we get wiser, our lips can get weaker, less defined and smaller. Here are some lip tips everyone needs for rounder, pouty or full lips.

Lip primers are an extra step, however, they may now be necessary. There are many different options for lip primer on the market. Some are for plumping up lips or softening the lines around the mouth, and others keep the lipstick from bleeding. Many companies, such as M.A.C., Stila, NYX and Cargo offer lip primer options that can range from $5-$35. Our favorite lip primer is Smooth Lips simply because it works on virtually every lip we’ve tried it on. Apply the pencil around and over the lips; it will dry clear. You will see the lines soften and it will keep your lip colors from bleeding. Let it dry for a minute before applying your lip liner.

Lip plumpers are basically products that help you achieve increased blood circulation in your lips so they look puffier. Ingredients such as cinnamon or cayenne are natural and help stimulate the circulation in your lips. We often add cinnamon essential oil to our custom blend lipsticks and lip gloss. It’s a great bonus!

Some lip plumpers contain a reflective substance that bounce off the light to give you a fuller effect. You can try this with a soft shimmery gold, pink or white on the lips. It can be used in a primer or in your lipstick or gloss.

Hyaluronic is a common ingredient in lip plumpers and will shape, boost and hydrate lips. You can use hyaluronic straight or mixed in a serum. It results in increased smoothness, softening and decreased wrinkles. Hyaluronic is unmatched in being able to hold more water (1,000 times its weight) than any other natural substance and aids in cell renewal and rejuvenation.

Okay, lips are prepped! Now comes the lip liner. Choose a neutral shade that is medium in depth, not too light and not too dark. Outline your lips slightly over your lip line, not on the inside; this will help you achieve full lips. Then apply your lipstick within these lines.

Choose colors that are not too dark. Remember the light/dark principle in color theory: lighter colors bring things forward and deeper colors push back or recede. And you can add a drop of shimmer on the center of the lip in a gloss to make your full lips look even poutier! Now pout away!


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