Chic Professional Hairstyles for the Mature Woman

Professional hairstyles for mature women - woman in an office in business attire

Our hair is one of our greatest assets. It’s an important part of the first impression you give to people when you meet them, both socially and in your professional life. It can also play a huge role in your self-esteem and how you feel about your appearance every day. In previous articles, we’ve taken a look at great hairstyles for thin hair and thick hair, as well as amazing cuts for long or short hair. Today’s hairstyles are chic, classic, and easy to maintain for the mature working woman.

First, let’s get past an old stereotype that long hair should be a no-go after 50 because it just isn’t true. Hair with some length can have more styling options than a shorter haircut, and while short hair has a wide variety of easy, manageable styling options, a ponytail for long hair is hard to beat in the ‘easy to do’ department. Whatever your length, when it comes to stylish haircuts, hair care is very important and you need to keep your hair looking healthy to look professional and well-groomed. 

The Bob

This haircut seems to make its way onto all of our lists! That’s because this one-length cut remains classic and chic whether you’re at lunch with your friends or heading up a meeting in the boardroom. The beauty of the bob is the versatility, and the length can be adapted to what suits your face shape best. It can be cheek-length, chin-length, shoulder-length, or anything in between. The beauty of the longer version is that you can pull it up into a low ponytail or simple chignon, perfect for those days you want your face to be hair-free.

The shorter version is more of a French variety and is often seen on women of all ages in France. It can include blunt bangs that frame your face and add a little character to your look. 

Bob haircut with blunt bangs

Another option is to go for softer bangs that can be blended into sidelengths. You can easily brush them away from your face as an alternative style change or to open up your look.

Cameron Diaz Bob Haircut Cropped version from original

The Lob

A longer version of the bob, this haircut is also easy to manage while looking chic and professional. The longer length allows you more options when it comes to pulling your hair back, and the opportunity to add some layers can help your hair look thicker and fuller. You can elect to add blunt bangs or have them sweep across, which will add dimension to your face while keeping some length in the back. 

Jennifer Aniston Lob Haircut

The Pixie

A pixie cut is a great option for professional women. It’s sleek, chic, and relatively easy to work with. You’ll find it can get a bit more time-intensive when it comes to maintenance, and you should get on a regular schedule with your stylist to keep it looking fresh and maintained. 

Halle Berry Pixie Haircut cropped

Versatility with Length

We mentioned that we disagree with the notion that mature women shouldn’t have long hair, which is great because length offers so many options. If you have longer locks and you elect to wear it down, just make sure it looks well-kept and isn’t thinning at the ends. You can also pull it back into a chic, slicked-back ponytail to get a great look for the boardroom, or pull it back into a bun or a sleek chignon to mix it up. Longer hair looks lovely with some curls or braided… the options are many when you’ve got a longer style. 

Jennifer Lopez ponytail

Maintaining Color

When it comes to hair color, you should decide on your color preference and then work to maintain it. Unsightly roots can appear before you blink, so think seriously about what works best for you and your budget. Professional help is always best when it comes to hair color, but there are a wide variety of home options that can help you either color your hair yourself or perform touchups between salon visits.

White hair can be tricky to color, so you should probably consult with a professorial first if you decide to change it up. That can help you avoid ending up with an orange or green hue to your hair. If you’re undecided about embracing grey hair, you can opt for semi-coloring your hair and allowing the grey to ease in naturally. You should start with the face-line or perhaps some white highlights that ease the grey in gradually. This is also less expensive to retouch because regrowth is less visible than when a full color grows out. Of course, after a year of quarantine and missed salon visits, gray hair seems more popular than ever. Maybe it’s time just to embrace it. 

Woman with grey hair drinking coffee at a cafe

Embracing Your Curls

Another chic and youthful approach is to embrace curls if you are blessed with them; definitely don’t hide them! Naturally curly hair is gorgeous when you treat your curls with care and keep them in prime condition. The same is true for women who occasionally add curl to their hair with long flowing locks or beach waves. Both looks are perfect for the office and offer ways to mix up your look and show your personality. 

How to Soften Curly Coarse Gray Hair or for professional hairstyles

Home Care

Despite all of the fun and amazing products on the market, you really don’t need a bathroom cabinet full of them. The result we strive for when working with professional hair is chic, easy to manage, and a well-groomed look. To make this happen, invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner and use styling foam and a nice finishing spray. Also, remember that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to hair care, so take care to confirm the products you choose are designed for your hair type. Try and avoid using hairspray or any styling products that deliver crunch or stickiness, and choose one that will leave your hair looking smooth and flexible. You’ll look even more youthful when your hair is lustrous, soft, and touchable. Embrace the feeling of healthy hair; it’s when we look our best and can put our best face forward.

Here’s to every day being a good hair day!

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Chic Professional Hairstyles for Mature WomenChic Hairstyles for women


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