Chic Professional Hairstyles

Chic Professional Hairstyles for the Mature Woman

Are you wanting to smarten up your professional look? Today’s post is to help guide you into what hairstyles are chic, classic and easy to maintain for the mature working woman.


First, that old grannies tale of long hair a no go after 50, I disagree with totally. Hair with some length can in fact have more styling options than a shorter haircut, and certainly anyone with  length in their hair know that feeling of being able to completely free the face of hair with a very simple attach. Home care however is very important, it’s one thing to have some length but it must look healthy to look attractive and groomed. More on home care toward the end of my article.

The Bob

This one length cut remains always classic and chic. The shorter version almost wears a French tag, seen lots on all ages in France.


Try to avoid regular bangs. Instead, opt for softer bangs that can be blended into side lengths that can be easily brushed away from face as an alternative style change.


I particularly love this bobbed hair cut. The length can be adapted to what suits your face shape best. It can be cheek length, chin length, shoulder length or in-between ear and shoulder.


The beauty of the longer version is that it can always be attached in a low ponytail or simple chignon, perfect for those days you want your face to be hair free.

professional hairstyles for women over 50

Maintaining Color

Make a decision on your hair color and maintain it perfectly. Unsightly roots appear before you blink, so think seriously about what works best for you and your budget. Professional help is always best when it comes to hair color, do not attempt to do this yourself at home, especially as grey hair starts to surface. White hair is tricky to color and one needs the education to get this perfect, to prevent green or orange hues surfacing, a true tell tale to a home color job. If undecided to embrace grey hair, opt for semi coloring the hair and allowing the grey to ease in naturally starting with the face-line or perhaps some white highlights that ease the grey in gradually. This is less expensive on retouch also as regrowth is less visible than a full color grow out.

professional hairstyles for women over 50

professional hairstyles for women over 60

Embracing Your Curls

Another youthful chic approach if you have curls is to embrace them, don’t hide them. Important that they must be well groomed curls, no dryness or frizz to appear, which brings us to the subject of home care.

professional hairstyles for women over 60

Home Care

One does not need a bathroom cabinet of styling products. The result we strive for here is sumptuous, lustrous, touchable hair. The Iles Formula 3 step system will deliver all this from the very first application. Quite phenomenal in the way these 3 products transform hair to premium locks instantly. The pack consists of a sulfate free, paraben and silicon free shampoo, instant repair conditioner and a protective serum against heat, UV, color fade and humidity. Try and avoid using hairspray or any styling products that deliver crunch or stickiness. The youthfulness will appear in hair when it is lustrous, soft and touchable. Embrace this feeling of healthy hair, it is certainly when we look the most fresh and modern.

Here’s to every day being a good hair day!Chic Professional Hairstyles for Mature Women



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