Questions about how to cut and style thinning hair? We've got you covered.

How To Style Thinning Hair – Pro Tips

Your guide to making thin or fine hair look weightier or thicker. I’m sure those of you with fine thin locks have learned through error what not to do. But these pro tips will help you style thinning hair so you appear to have more volume.

5 Ways to Style Thinning Hair

Cuts for Thin Hair

Bobs and their variations
The obvious solution for a hair cut is a one-length bob or lob ( which in fact is a longer bob). The one length adds weight to the swinging length line. The shorter the bob the thicker the hair will appear. I personally just love this cut that is equally perfect on any age — but especially a mature woman — as it spells class and chic on every level and is relatively low maintenance. This bob in any length is a big favorite of Parisienne women. One sees it all over the streets of Paris.
The beauty of this cut is that it can be worn sharp and straight or softened up with wave.
The long version bob — the lob — creates a  short full ponytail, too, if drawn back to the nape of the neck.


Cut by Kelsey Gusto of Chris McMillan Salon Los Angeles

If you are very adventurous an asymmetric bob is also an option. The beauty of this cut is that the length is left on top to give various changes to the style. Brushed back with top volume, weightier on one side or parted down the center and tucked behind ears to it no longer appears asymmetric.


Cut by Dennis Bartolomei Salon,Chicago

Pixie Cut

If you love short hair a pixie cut is always a winner. Best not to have the hairline cut too bluntly. Instead, have your hairdresser feather in the circumstance line. It will be much more feminine and flattering.


Use Part Lines to Create Volume

Try experimenting with your part line. Often a lower deeper part delivers a thicker fuller illusion to the top of the hair. it may just be that the side part you have been using for years has thinned away and surprisingly by flipping your hair to the other side it may appear thicker and more lively.

Fill in with color

Here’s a trick I often use on celebrity part lines — a quick fix of eye shadow powder in the tone of their natural hair color. Do not place this down the middle of the part line. Use a small brush, preferably a flat edged brush where you have control, and apply it slightly under the first hair section either side of the part line. It works so well. Be sure to choose your color well and blend it with finger to ease the color off on the under edges. A well-known commercial brand with actual small fibers in various colors is Top Hair.

(editors note: we also found these similar options readily available  CUVVA Hair Fibers or Toppik.)

This technique can also be used around the face line to thicken up the thin areas often found around the temple area.


An all-over application of “Top Hair” fibres.

Add an Extension Track

This is not the most obvious thing to do for women past a certain age, but having a clip in track can be very practical for special occasions. The key is the color match and having the piece cut to fit your haircut. I often use this technique on celebrities for red carpet events. I just clip in the extra hair and the hair always looks full and fresh.

To store — blow-dry the piece(s) while still in your hair. On removing them, place them neatly in plastic zip-lock bags. Don’t re-set them before using again. The reason? I always find they take on a kind of haphazard personality in that plastic bag. So when you clip them in your hair straight from the bag there is a lot of spontaneity you wouldn’t get with a normal blow dry. Often they are just perfect.


Balmain clip in human hair extension .

(similar extension options at VogueWigs)

Color Tricks

A solid block of color will always add the illusion of weight and thickness, especially in the tones of light and dark browns and several color techniques like  mixing highlighting and low highlighting can also create wonderful illusions of thicker hair. Choose your colorist well, one who loves her job and can think outside of the box.


Color by Stefen Scholz of Reza Salon Berlin.


Last but not least, a very simple step I use on every head of hair I touch. The visual below says it all. This was an editors head of hair who was interviewing me for a magazine on Iles Formula Hair Care.  The best interviews are when you actually do the editor’s hair with the products  while she asks the questions. The session took 45 minutes to shampoo, condition and blow-dry. Here you see the before and after result. The magic…the visible thickness, actually comes from the Iles conditioner that removed the straw effect from her hair as it repaired and the serum that was blow-dried into damp hair. This Iles Formula finishing serum is a base of silk (like silk fabric. When you blow-dry into wet hair on every section it creates body — hair just visibly looks and feels thicker. The key is to place it on every section to build the hair out. Not on the roots, always mid-length and ends.  This serum contains protectors against heat, UV, color fade and humidity. But it also contains a soft natural memory that adapts to whatever style you wish to execute.


Before and after: No extensions + No retouch… just one use of Iles Formula Signature Shampoo, Conditioner and Finishing Serum.

Apply these techniques in any of the areas to style thinning hair so that it looks fuller and thicker with more volume.

Did you try any of the tricks?! Tell us about your results on our Facebook Group (join to discuss).




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