Long Hairstyle Tricks That Get Gorgeous Results

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All of my life, I’ve dreamed of having a head of long, thick hair that I could create style masterpieces with. Long flowing curls or a perfect messy bun, I would have the best head of hair in town. The reality when it comes to my hair is that it’s relatively thin and refuses to grow past a certain length. Still, as far as hair goes, it’s quite a bit longer than most of my peers. And while I can’t quite get a beautiful natural messy bun (but I have products that help), it’s fun to try out new styles and experiment with different hairdos. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for long hairstyle tricks.

I’m always seeking out styling ideas and tips to make life easier and make my hair look its best. I’ve found this to be true with most of our Prime Women, and we’re often asked for any tips or tricks we might have discovered over the years. Because of that, we’ve compiled a list of styling tips and answers to some common questions that are helping us make the most of our manes. So, here are some fabulous long hairstyle tricks just for you!LONG HAIRSTYLE TRICKS THAT GET GORGEOUS RESULTS

“Do you have any tips for making my morning routine easier while adding some style to my hair?”

For a great look in the morning, try making a top knot before you go to bed and sleeping with your hair wrapped up for the night. Even better, this style offers a double whammy – it’s perfect for an evening out or a style hack for the next day (or a combination of the two!). By adding a little styling foam and twirling your hair around itself in a top knot, you will have a chic updo for the evening. If you keep the top knot in while you sleep, you’ll wake up to great waves when you take it down the next morning. 

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“How can I get my hair to look sleek and straight without having to spend a ton of time with my flat iron?”

After you get out of the shower, blow out your hair using a straight styling gel, and then pull it up into a high ponytail. Use half of the hair to wrap neatly around the base of the pony to keep your hair elevated for sleeping. This will prevent your hair from getting tangled in the night, and the results are remarkable! Plus, you’ll save your hair from extra damage because you won’t have to go on the attack with the flat iron each morning. And let’s face it, any opportunity we can take to save time and make our hair healthier is worth it. 

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“My roots are showing, and I can’t get in to see my colorist right now. Help!”

Here’s a trick of the trade that’s sure to save you on more than one occasion. If you find your roots are starting to show and your stylist is booked up, it’s time to get your mascara out. That’s right. You read that correctly. I said to get out your mascara. This is a great styling hack because it separates each hair and adds volume while covering the gray, at least temporarily. So, when you’re in a pinch, and either can’t get in to see your stylist or simply don’t have the time, you don’t have to worry about any pesky grays showing up in your daily routine.

Color recommendations are brown for you beautiful brunettes or black if you’ve got a mane of chic deep ebony.

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“How do I give a flip to my limp morning hair?”

If you find your hair falling flat every morning and want to give it a little oomph, this trick is both quick and easy. By using a thin straightening iron that is beveled out on the ends, you can smooth your hair and add a flip. If you aren’t sure if your flat iron has beveled sides, simply check to make sure the heat plates have curved sides and that they aren’t flat and straight.

Beveling means you slide the iron down your hair and as you reach the very bottom, twist the iron up for your desired flip. This process makes getting ready in the morning a breeze, all while adding a little shape to your locks. 

“How do I get that beach wave look?”

Beach waves are beautiful on all hair lengths, but they are especially lovely when you have a beautiful head of long locks. The easiest method we’ve found doesn’t even include adding damaging heat to your hair or spending an hour trying to perfect the correct technique. Nope, to get chic beach waves, all you need to do is twist your hair into two loose buns before you go to bed at night (this will work best if your hair is slightly damp when you make the buns, and especially so if you add a styling product). When you wake up the next morning, simply take out the buns and let your mane flow. You’ll look like you’ve spent a day at the beach – even in the dead of winter – all from the comfort of your own home. 

Beach waves are lovely for long hair

While these tips and tricks are helpful for Prime Women with long hair, they can also save time and energy for women with short to medium hair as well. If you find that your hair is falling flat every day or you aren’t getting any variety in your day-to-day styling, consider trying out some of these long hairstyle tricks to liven up your locks and put your best foot forward. 

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