long hairstyle tricks

Long Hairstyle Tricks That Get Gorgeous Results

Prime Women with long hair are always asking for styling ideas and tips for making the most of their ‘manes.” So, these easy, long hairstyle tricks are for you!

For a great new look in the morning, try this overnight.

The Top Knot

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By adding a little Paul Labrecque Color Style Mousse and twirling your hair around itself in a top knot you will have a chic up do for evening, and by keeping it in while you sleep you’ll wake up to great waves when you take the look down.

“I want a sleek and straight look.”

Blow out your hair using Paul Labrecque Straight Style, then bring it to a high pony. Using half the hair to wrap neatly around the base you keep the hair elevated for sleeping and the result is remarkable!

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“My roots are showing and I can’t get in to see my colorist right now. Help!”

Here’s a trick of the trade. Get your mascara out. That’s right. Mascara separates each hair and adds volume while covering the gray, at least temporarily. Brown for brunette, black for you deep ebony girls.

long hairstyle tricks

“How do I give a flip to my limp morning hair?”

Easy.  A thin straightening irons beveled out on the ends will smooth the hair and add a flip. Beveling means you slide the iron down your hair and as you reach the very bottom, twist the iron up for your desired flip. Paul’s favorite iron for this is the GHD Flat Iron.

“How would I make my hair look shorter when I want to wear a hat?”

Easy as pie. Tie a string or ribbon to the very end of your pony tail. Tie it tightly, leaving enough extra string to tie like a headband. Your long hair will look like a bob and give you a great new look.

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long hairstyle tricks


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long hairstyle tricks


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long hairstyle tricks


“How do I get that beach wave look? “

By twisting the hair into two loose buns you will get a look that is like you’ve been at the beach – even in the dead of winter.

Those are just a few long hairstyle tricks our clients have tried and loved. Next up, tips for short hair styles!

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By Paul Labrecque for Prime Women magazine

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