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How to Get Modern and Fresh Holiday Hair

It’s that time of year again! We want to look our best in front of family and friends during the holiday season. How do we deal with not only the changes in our hair color and hair texture but adopt a hairstyle that suits us? Something fresh and modern that won’t make us look like we are dated? I am here to advise you on how to update your look for beautiful holiday hairdos.

Golden Rules for Modern Holiday Hairdos

There are a couple of golden rules for having your hair look fresh and modern. The first is to nurture your hair. As our hair whitens up often the texture changes, delivering hair that is more coarse and dry in texture. Good high-performance home care is important. If you have never used a hair mask now is the time to do so.


A high-performing hair mask should be applied between the shampoo and conditioner. A good mask will be vitamin-infused too, so place it on the scalp as well as midlength and ends. Always follow with conditioner as this will seal in all the extra nourishment to have just supplied. Read reviews when choosing high performant products — you will recognize immediately if the product is for you or not! My recommendation is this Spa Pack that contains the award-winning shampoo and conditioner mentioned above combined with the Iles hair mask.

Stay Away from Hairspray

Stay away from hairspray as it immediately dates the look of any hairstyle. You will see by the inspiration images I have pulled there is no evidence of hairspray, all hairstyles are soft and luscious. You should strive for touchable hair. Keep your style simple, keep the volume natural, and definitely no stiffness. You should also try and avoid hairspray as it blocks the hair’s memory.

How to Get The Look: Spend More Time Preparing Hair

Instead of hair spray, spend more time preparing your hair. Blow-dry section by section, starting underneath and working your way upwards, preferably with a good round brush. And when applying a hot tong, like in a curler, clip the form as if it is rolled around an invisible roller until it’s cold. This step will create a memory. One could add a little backcombing on top for extra volume, then skim over hair with a wide-tooth comb to add a liberated texture like below.

holiday hairdos

Long Hair

Long hair is more and more acceptable these days for women past 50. In my opinion, this looks great, so long as the hair is healthy as it is extremely youthful. Long hair, in fact, is much more versatile in styles than short hair. If wearing it attached or up, keep it simple rather than stiff and sophisticated. Most likely if you have long hair you already know how to do a simple chignon. You could also do a sophisticated ponytail, with some natural volume.

holiday hairdos

Enhance Your Natural Curl for Holiday Hairdos

Nothing is fresher than working with your natural wave. Iles Formula has a special pack just to honor women who wear their hair naturally wavy or curly. This pack features a turban towel most efficient for squeezing out excess water without disturbing the curl formation and the most nutritive Curl Revive Serum that brings curls back from the dead. Read the reviews, they speak for themself!

curly holiday hairdos


Have a Fresh Cut

For great holiday hairdos splurge on a good haircut or trim. The base of a good haircut is the foundation of a good look. Stay away from bangs, a mature face is often fresher if the hair is moving up and away from the face. The bob is ideal as it is a one-length haircut. It can easily be tied away if wanted in a low tail, and also a very chic option for all occasions.

Remember a Photo Speaks a Thousand Words

I hope these images inspire you. You can take the image to your hairdresser and ask them to recreate it for you. But I’ve kept this holiday hairdo edit to relatively easy styles that you can manage at home.  The texture of your hair is key. Nurture your hair, aim for soft, sumptuous, nurtured hair. This is always on-trend and most certainly wins hands down for any look!



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