Youthful Hairstyles that will Turn Back the Hands of Time

The hairstyle we choose can make all the difference in how old we look. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles in various lengths that can make you look (and maybe even feel) younger!
Kelly Ripa Bob r Wavy Lob Haircut

Let’s face it. Our hair is a huge part of our identity. 

Think about it. Ever had a bad haircut that made you cry? A perm you THOUGHT you wanted that left you in tears once it was done? Or a chemical straightening that left your natural hair so damaged that you felt like you needed to start all over? Sadly, it happens.

Embracing Our Identity

Our hair is our identity in many cases. I’m not saying it’s right. And, of course, many women are proud to be bald and are still very beautiful, whether by choice or after going through medical issues that left them without their beautiful mane. 

But for many of us, it’s that one thing on our bodies we CAN control when most other things feel out of control, the one thing we can change without it being permanent. Our hair can say, “Hey, look at me!” with a bright dye job, or “I’m feeling sexy!” with the proper cut or curl. Hairstyles lead to inferences about who you are and what you stand for, right or wrong.

So, if your goal is to look younger, well, we say go for it. This article includes some suggestions for hairstyles that will give you that youthful image you want the world to see, no matter what length you have to work with. A new hairstyle is a great way to inject some fun and youthfulness into your look, and picking the right style can truly take a few years off. Curtain bangs can leave you looking like you’ve had a facelift, just as adding layers can eliminate weight that leaves your hair feeling lighter and looking fuller, which is helpful when it starts to thin. 

Best Styles for Aging Hair

If you’re over 50, odds are your hair is aging, along with the rest of you. That means it’s likely thinning a little, so you need to keep that in mind with the styles you’re considering. You want to remain stylish with a cut that’s flattering to your face and age. No matter what your hair’s length is, there are great examples of flattering styles for you, and here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting a youthful hairstyle.

Don’t Be Too Blunt

It’s best to avoid bluntness at this point in your life. Stylists suggest a style that creates softness around the face. You want it to cover fine lines of wrinkles on your forehead while drawing attention to your jawline. Also, consider how much time you have to spend styling and what your natural hair texture is like, so you’re not fighting it for hours instead of enjoying the look. Good hair days are the best kinds of days, but we all know that feeling of dealing with bad hair days all too often, and the right cut and style will keep you in the first category. 

Layers? Well, That Depends

Goldie Hawn long hair with layers, shaggy bangs
Goldie Hawn

If your hair is thinning, you don’t need too many layers but will want to go with a light texture. Thicker hair will do well with some thinning shears to balance the look. Keep in mind that weight distribution matters. Of course, you need to consider whether your hair is curly or straight. Keeping that in mind is critical because we all know a style that looks stunning on thick, voluminous hair doesn’t always look so hot on thin, straight locks. It might be great to grow your hair out long if it’s thick because if you go short, you may fight with it to lay right each day.

Long Hair? Why Not?!

Many people in years past said women after a certain age shouldn’t have long hair. I’m here to tell you to ignore those people. Longer hair, with the correct cut, can look HAWT, so don’t be too quick to go short just because of what other people say. I personally believe my long locks help me look younger, and my guy agrees. But forget me. If you need more proof, consider celebs, including Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, or Vanessa Williams. 

Sandra Bullock best haircut for square face
Sandra Bullock

As long as you keep your hair in good shape, you can still look young, sassy, AND sexy, all at the same time. In fact, it can take decades off your face with the correct cut and style. Think layers and highlights, and you’ll be looking chic and sophisticated in no time. Long hair looks great with layers. The layers can give life to hair that otherwise just hangs there and will also make curling easier, too. You can even get away with ponytails or French braids with long hair; honestly, nothing is simpler if your lifestyle is still very much on the go.

Demi Moore
Demi Moore

Not too long, not too short. It’s Just Right.

If long hair sounds like too much of a hassle, medium-length cuts can also take years off your face. Thinner strands look fuller in a style that is shoulder to chest-length. And it doesn’t matter if you prefer a straight look or a wavy option; there’s a style out there for you. Your stylist should be sure to consider your face shape and complexion with whatever style or color they consider.

Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore

A medium length makes it easy to dress your hair up for formal events or keep it casual for everyday wear. An asymmetrical lob (long bob) is a great option for women who like a classic cut with a modern take. 

Rosamund Pike Asymmetrical bob haircut
Rosamund Pike

Short and Sweet

If you prefer shorter cuts, a bob could still work if done right. The key will be making sure the cut works with the shape of your face. If you have thinner hair, stick with an easily managed cut. Shoulder-length lob cuts are one way to make the hair appear thicker. It also can look chic, which is always an added bonus.

Angela Bassett bob haircut
Angela Bassett
Natalie Portman Lob
Natalie Portman

If you want something a little more fun than the traditional bob, go with a messy option with bangs. It’s universally flattering, and many say it’s a great anti-aging solution. More layers add younger vibes to the look.

Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna

If you want an easy, instant eye lift, stylists suggest a modern pixie cut. That means it’s shorter in the back, with a longer fringe. Add in layers if you want more volume or want to hide thinning in a particular spot because the layer can hide that patch.

Halle Berry Pixie Haircut
Halle Berry

If you want to go short, pixies and neck-length bobs are timeless cuts that work for any age. Just keep in mind that shorter cuts demand return visits to your stylist more often to keep them – and you – looking their best. That means time and money. But if you’re game to go for it, there are great options, from the pixie to a textured bob with bangs, to a short and choppy A-line cut, or a jaw-length cut with long side-swept bangs.

Don’t forget the color. 

Another important tip: no matter what hair length you select, the color is crucial. We can look really washed out and tired if we have the wrong hair color. As your complexion evolves with age, your hair color should, too. 

If you want to try to refresh your look or go wild with a whole new look, be sure to go to a stylist you trust. Their expertise in picking a style for your face, the right color for your skin tone, and whether to texture, layer, or try something else will be priceless in making sure your new look is one you will not reject.

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