Which Hair Product Does Tiffany Hendra Love? Find Out!

Tiffany Hendra Sotto Pelle Bolster Beauty

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Did you know we’re each born with a set number of hair follicles? That’s it, and we don’t get any new ones after birth. Each scalp hair follicle produces one individual hair. Every strand of hair grows in a repeated cycle, with each lasting several years. After this cycle, as one hair falls out, a new one is produced.

Another hair fact? It’s normal to lose up to 100 strands each day. While that may be normal, it’s not very comforting if you’re aging and your hair is starting to thin.

To top it off, nearly everyone has some hair loss with aging, and future hair growth slows down. Your hair strands become smaller and have less pigment (hello, gray!). But there’s hope.

Getting to the Root of Celebrity Hair

Well, if you want a beautiful mane like the one our friend Tiffany Hendra of the “Real Housewives of Dallas” has, you reach for the Bolster Beauty by SottoPelle® products. Tiffany is a wellness advocate and ambassador for the brand. She says they have a nutraceutical for hair growth called grow & behold™ Hair Repair & Restore. Plus, they just released a new shampoo (hair savior™) and conditioner (hair protector™) to support your luscious locks.

We sat down with Tiffany to get the scoop and discover more about these products.

Getting Back to Balance

First, she told us that beyond incredible hair growth, she’s seen amazing benefits physically and mentally by optimizing her hormones with the SottoPelle® Method.

Tiffany said she started losing hair in her mid-40s, especially around her hairline, a side effect of entering perimenopause. She tried so many over-the-counter options but found little success. “While getting a blowout, my hair stylist gasped at a silver dollar-sized bald spot on the top of my head. Around the same time, my housekeeper came to me concerned after cleaning my shower because there was an abnormal amount of hair in the drain,” she shared.

As a TV personality, on-camera wellness expert, and speaker, her image was part of her brand. She said her hairline was getting so thin that she could no longer wear her hair back off her face. And it was taking a toll in more ways than one. Tiffany explained, “This ALL wreaks havoc on a woman’s overall confidence. Not only do we experience a foggy brain, low libido, fatigue, sleep issues, and weight gain, but top it off—we start losing our hair! Left untreated, menopause can send even a healthy, grounded woman into depression.”

Getting Better Every Day

Tiffany said that now, at 51, she looks and feels better than she did at 35. How’d she do it? Well, she gave credit to optimizing her hormones and taking grow & behold. She explained, “I’ve been taking it going on nine months, and my hairdresser has had to give me extra trims. He continues to see regrowth that he calls ‘my new sprouts.’ I’m also able to start wearing my hair back again!”

She pointed out that this is about so much more than hair. It’s about empowering and educating ourselves, plus making the best wellness choices, from whole foods and exercise to mindfulness and meditation, keeping stressors low, and healthy relationships. And also – about giving ourselves grace during this process.

Can you tell she’s passionate about it?

Getting the 411

So, what’s this Bolster Beauty by SottoPelle® approach all about? It claims to synergistically support your body to pause hair loss while helping to promote regrowth. It’s their special combination of Saw Palmetto and Chrysin that bolsters the hair growth cycle and blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It also features d-Biotin, Zinc, and Selenium to stimulate scalp health.

You can find this incredible nutraceutical at www.bolsterbeauty.com for $24.95. It takes a few weeks to start seeing results—but the longer you use it, the more benefits you should see. And be sure to pair it with their new hair-nurturing shampoo & conditioner for a true hair makeover!