7 Things Prime Women Can Do For Fabulous Winter Hair

7 Ways to take care of hair during the winter

Getting hair prepped for the winter season is just as important as prepping for the summer season. Extreme cold through frosty mornings or snowy slopes is as damaging as harsh sun and saltwater. Not only should we consider the exterior weather conditions, but also the lack of moisture caused by the central heating in your home or office space. All of this can lead to breakage, staticky hair, dry scalp, and more no woman wants. These 7 tips will help your winter hair look and feel great in the coming cooler months.

How To Take Care Of Winter Hair

1. Reach For Hats and Scarves

Head scarves are trendy and great for winter hair
Photo from Instagram user Kueen.se

Hats and scarves are the obvious choices of protection from the elements. Be aware there is no scratch on the inside of your hat. This can be rough against already damaged hair. Overcome this by wearing a silk scarf under the hat. Although not as warm, just opting for a silk scarf as the latest runway shows proved, is on-trend. Consider carrying a comb or brush in your bag, especially on days when you’re wearing hats and scarves, to help counteract the tangling that can occur.

2. Dry Hair Thoroughly Before Leaving Home

Never leave home with wet hair! Wet hair on a frosty morning can actually freeze and this is the worst enemy for hair. Your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it’s wet. If icicles form in your hair you are just adding weight and pressure to the strands, which can cause breakage.


3. Keep Hair Away From Collars! 

Friction caused by collars on jackets can lead to frizzy broken hair. Make sure to keep your hair on the outside of your collar to decrease friction. Or consider putting hair up in a chignon, which compacts the ends and decreases the chance of exposure.

winter hair

4. Use a Protective Anti-Static Serum

Always apply a protective serum to hair. A good serum will protect from heated tools, UV, extreme cold exposure, and static electricity. Apply it to wet hair before blow-drying and then a little every day on dry hair. People also mention fabric softening sheets will aid against static electricity, but quite frankly I’d rather opt for a protective serum that does it all.

5. Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals is a sure way to keep your scalp and hair healthy. A well-balanced diet, with the correct nutrition and hydration, is important to hair health. Let’s not forget to get several glasses of water a day too! Hydration will go a long way in keeping hair healthy and looking good.


6. Prepare Your Hair for the Cold at Home

Indoor heating is the main contributor to static electricity in winter hair. Use a humidifier to help overcome the air dryness, and your hair (and skin!) will greatly benefit from this. Consider a high-performance hair mask to add nutrition and moisture to both scalp and hair. Apply this weekly, or bi-weekly, before adding conditioner. Applying conditioner last closes down the hair cuticle and locks in the moisture from the mask. We recommend Iles formula hair mask and conditioner. Both are included in the Iles Spa Pack. You’ll even get the ph neutral shampoo and detangling comb to keep in your purse ⁠— perfect for dealing with long hair under hats and coat necklines.

7. Keep Your Salon Appointments

Make a visit to your hairdresser to have your ends trimmed or give fresh shape to your cut.  People tend to do warmer tones in the Autumn-Winter season. If you’ve been considering warmer tones, this is the season to indulge. This task is best undertaken by a professional though, as warm tones on white hair can turn orange or red very quickly.



7 Tips for Fabulous Winter Hair