Best DIY Cellulite Treatment

Prime Pick the Best Cellulite Treatment at Home

The Best DIY Cellulite Treatment

You ask. We answer. If you do nothing else in your shower routine, start dry brushing. There’s ample proof from women all over the world that it helps with the appearance of cellulite by way of myofascial release.

Not only does dry brushing help prep our skin for the application of lotions and self-tanners by exfoliating, but it also increases lymphatic processes, which is a fancy way of saying it boosts your immune system.

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Prime Pick Best Cellulite Treatment

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What is Dry-Brushing?

Perhaps you’ve seen it on the menu of a spa, or in your favorite self-care beauty boutique and wondered what a ‘shower brush’ is doing stashed between the oils, serums, and beauty treatments. It’s not actually a shower brush-the item we picture sudsing up our hard-to-reach areas, but instead a powerful tool for your immune system, and even as cellulite control.

How it Helps Treat Cellulite

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Brush the skin towards the heart, starting at the feet and hands and brushing toward the chest. This stimulates the lymphatic system, which can help clear out unnecessary fat, lessening the appearance of cellulite. While we all know that any topical fixes for cellulite are limited, if you do this every day, you’ll get your best results of dry brushing as a cellulite treatment

Aside from the lymphatic detoxification, it integrates myofascial massage. Fascia is a type of connective tissue that protects and separates muscles from the dermal layer. Manipulation of fascia loosens this, allowing for a smoothing of the skin.


Does It “Hurt”?

We won’t lie to you. It is a sensation that, at first, feels a bit scratchy and entirely counter-intuitive. But, as you continue the process, this minor discomfort is replaced by a rather lovely tingle, as the skin responds to the stimulus and the pores open up.

Other Benefits of Dry Brushing Beyond Cellulite Treatment

  • Exfoliation: The most obvious benefit of dry brushing is the ability to exfoliate prior to showering, which is more effective. This increases the effectiveness of your post-shower lotion applications and helps prevent skin from drying out as quickly.
  • Clears and reduces look of pores: There are smaller, gentler dry brush options for the face, and they help clear clogged pores, allowing them to shrink to their original size. A lot of visible pores are simply clogged and the embedded gunk is ‘spreading’ the pore open. Picture an empty ziplock bag (flat and thin), and one full of a liquid (engorged and rotund), and you’ll see the connection.
  • Little zing of added energy: Maybe it’s just the tingle, but using a dry brush wakes up the body. This micro-burst of energy is akin to jumping in ice-cold water.

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