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PrimePick: Getting my shape back

Yummie shapewear for women is our Prime Pick of the Day

Shapewear I forget I’m wearing

A fact I’m not happy about – I gained 10lbs this past year. While I’ve never been a skinny minny, this extra means most of my clothes don’t quite fit, or fit right, anyway. Also, since it’s not ten pounds of muscle weight, there are more jiggly parts, especially around the stomach. Any kind of a binding waist creates muffin top… oh joy. But I plan to do something about this, so I don’t really want to buy new clothes at this size. Then what do I turn to? Shapewear.

Before you groan at the thought (which I did with ALL of the shapewear I previously owned), let me tell you what I found. A really good tank top that also sucks in the gut while being so comfortable I didn’t notice and without rolling up. This is not my first attempt at wearing a tank of this sort, but the others had a myriad of problems (shiny, weird cuts, rolled up throughout the day, too low cut, etc.). This one blows the others away. It’s made by Yummie and I love it!


3 panel tank shapewear for women

I would wear this as a good essential tank regardless of the firming factor. It’s a nice black matte. The seams, which make up the panels, aren’t real noticeable. But it does a strong level 4 compression just at the middle section, not on the chest, that makes a huge difference in my waist shape while still being comfortable enough for every day. I can finally wear jeans and a t-shirt without lumps showing! And with a tank there aren’t panty seams to show. Here’s the best part… jeans that were uncomfortably tight became wearable again! Hip hip hooray!

I got the Pearl 3 panel scoop neck shaping tank in black

  • Also comes in white (which I will be getting).
  • A nice long length (even though my torso is long) and tucks in
  • Covers your lower (post kids) belly
  • The straps are wide to cover my thick bra straps
  • It scoops high enough to hide more than a hint of cleavage
  • Has tech that keeps you cool
  • Get your higher size (which is an XL for me)

Yummie also sent me two different high waist shaping briefs. The Flora High Waist Girl Shortie wow’d me! Here’s the shocker… not only is it easy to get on (the ones I had before took a wrestling match to get in place) but it is so comfortable I literally forgot I had it on. I didn’t have to tug it up all day either, even though it came all the way up to my bra.

Now it doesn’t have the super sucker, but it still gives a snug hug smoothing all lines and taking it in a notch. I tried both the m/l and the l/xl and the bigger size fit much better.


Flora High Waist Girl Shortie everyday shape wear

The high waist brief is a little harder to get on, but it is a super sucker (4 out of 5 on the firm scale). It will be worth it for the “figure hugging” dresses I own that need an extra umph. Like the other, no yanking up (or out of the lower region) needed. And it’s still comfortable, especially considering how much squeeze is involved and certainly miles better than my previous brands. I certainly wasn’t aware of it the whole day I wore it.

High waisted shaping brief by Yummie with level 4 compression


All in all, I feel like Yummie has much-advanced shapewear, especially in the comfort department. The tank is one I’m going to either need many of or do laundry a lot. Because I could wear this tank literally every day. They actually carry many variations with a wider variety of colors which I’ll have to test. If you could use a slimming and a shaping, I highly recommend trying out the tank.




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