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The slip dress was designed to look like you’re wearing an underdress or a petticoat. It offers a barely there approach, with hints of the traditional slips that women have worn for generations but have kept hidden under our clothing. What’s fantastic about slip dresses is that while they fit a standard design, they can come in any fabric, length, or color and offer limitless strap styles (including the no-strap option). This season take on the slip dress look but wear it with layers (think cardigans, leather jackets, denim – if you can think it, you can layer it). 

Unfortunately, when we think of a slip dress, most of us still flashback to the 90s trends where too-thin models strode around without a bra or a care in the world. It wasn’t a realistic look for most of us then, and it certainly isn’t now. But while slip dresses of days past were too sparse, too thin, and just too little, current trends are changing to allow for more flexibility and coverage.

While you may think you’re too old for a slip dress, think again. The versatility of this dress makes it work for women of all ages. You might just need a bit of creativity. And when it comes to fashion, creativity is key.

How to Wear a Slip Dress

How you wear your slip dress will depend on your style, the weather, the design of the dress, and the occasion. The strap styles of your dress will dictate which bra style you can wear: if it’s strapless or if they’re barely there, go ahead and get out your favorite strapless bra. As you’ll see in the styles below, some slip dresses come with full straps, so you can wear your regular bra without worrying about strap slippage. If you still aren’t feeling supported enough, don’t hesitate to break out your shapewear. It’ll help to smooth and shape under the soft fabric leaving you feeling sleek and confident.

If you’re heading out and it’s a bit chilly, consider wearing your dress over a long-sleeved shirt or with a chic tailored blazer. Denim or leather jackets pair perfectly with the right slip dress and seem to never go out of style. You can even wear it under your favorite button-down shirt – only skip the buttons. Tie it at the waist so you can see the dress’s neckline peeking through. Flatter the dress, don’t hide it. 

And if you think you have to wear heels with your slip dress, think again. This is the opportunity to let your style shine through and think outside the box. Strappy heels, sandals, trendy sneakers, ballet flats… even boots if you’re feeling them. Slip dresses are fun because they allow you to dress up or dress down and go with your mood for the day. Whatever you decide, have some fun with it. 

Superb Slip Dresses for Every Occasion

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As spring winds down and summer makes its sunny appearance, indulge in a beautiful slip dress for both formal and informal occasions.

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